4 DIY wall art tips to bring a new touch to your home décor!

If you are planning to give your home a makeover before the new year, wall art is definitely something to consider.

It can give your home a touch of contemporary class and become a conversation piece with all your guests!

And you do not even have to look that far. We bring you 4 DIY wall art tips to bring a new touch to your home décor.

Here’s a look:

1. Pick large-scale art

Pick large-scale art

When it comes to art, nothing beats minimalist and large canvases in cosy spaces. You can go for a black and white photograph that commands attention and starts a conversation!

Large scale art has an imposing feel that makes it almost impossible to miss and gives smaller spaces a fuller experience.

2. Create a gallery wall

Create a gallery wall

While large scale art suits personal rooms, why not try something new and different for your big spaces.

Today, curating a personalized gallery wall with pictures and photographs that strike a chord with you will definitely be an attraction for guests!

3. Go for an accented wall

Go for an accented wall

Accented walls are a great way to display your love for bold art.

You can choose from multiple wallpapers and stencils to create bright art with vibrant colours on the walls you like.

Add a bit of spice to with strategically spaced shelves and items that create a soothing contrast to the wall colour.

4. Set up designer mirrors

Set up designer-mirrors

Mirrors are minimalist and give the illusion of larger spaces in smaller rooms.

They reflect light and create an ambience in the room that can be matched by few other things.

You can pick your frame and size of mirrors to create wall art that will always spark curiosity.

These are the 4 DIY wall art tips that you can implement and give your home décor a new age makeover.

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