4 Wildlife Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind

If you are a nature lover and the wildlife fascinates you, you cannot miss these documentaries! The deadliest reptiles, lush green rainforests, man-eating big cats, unforgiving deserts and their stories of survival are what the wildlife documentaries highlight.

The best part is that these documentaries are easily accessible on different OTT platforms. Add these to your watch list and get ready to explore the beautiful wilderness across the globe.

1. Kalahari: The Flooded Desert

Kalahari: The Flooded Desert is a 52-mins wildlife documentary that explores the extreme weather conditions of South Africa’s Kalahari Desert. This documentary is directed by Tim Liversedge.

Besides the dry and wet climates, this desert also has abundant natural resources. Throughout the film, you will see the vivid descriptions of lives of the creatures that made it their abode. Every frame of the film is shot in high definition camera, and you will see this world of extreme through the eyes of the director, a renowned naturalist and a long-time resident.

The film then portrays the biggest threat of this stunning place, humans. It shows how the place is gradually disappearing as humans destroy the environment and kill animals at exponential rates.

2. Anacondas and Caiman

The two deadliest reptiles, anacondas and caiman, are natural inhabitants of Argentina’s swamplands. The thrilling hour-long film offers a detailed account of them and their lives. This beautiful documentary is directed by Eric Millot.

It shows how co-existing is almost impossible for these vicious predators as both of them hunt deer, capybara, tapir and often each other!

In most cases, the fight between these two apex predators leads to death, and one such fatal fight is also captured on the camera! Besides, you can watch this film for one of the rare footage of snakes giving birth!

If you love reptiles and amphibians, this is one of the fun and interesting wildlife documentaries you should not miss.

3. Indian Tiger: Dangers of the Indian Wilderness

Ranthambore in India is home to beautiful Indian tigers. This documentary follows a female tiger, Machli living in a lakeside territory with her three cubs, Satra, Athara and Unis. The mother tiger held the territory for ten years.

However, when the cubs grew mature, they faced one of the biggest challenges of their lives of leaving their mother’s company and finding their own territory. However, soon a battle commences as one of the tigers was eyeing the lakeside territory: the battle between a daughter and mother tiger was inevitable!

This documentary beautifully captures the lives of Indian tigers in their own glory.

4. Virunga

This documentary takes you to the rich and stunning wilderness of the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the best biodiverse places in the world. The film offers a close view of the Virunga National Park. It shows how the intrusion of humans and their activities affects its inhabitants’ lives, including endangered mountain gorillas.

If you are looking for an intense viewing experience, this film is for you!

Let us know your favourite wildlife documentaries of all time in the section below!

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