5 Apps that help you stay fit at home!

The pandemic has got all of us on our toes, and staying at home might be trending again soon. But going back to the sudden inactivity that haunted all of us a year ago might be unnecessary now.  

If there is one thing, we humans are known to do well, it is to adapt.   

So, here we bring you 5 apps that will help you stay fit at home! You can use them to keep hitting your fitness goals, even if you miss a few days in the gym.

1. ASICS Runkeeper App

If you are looking to keep your cardio goals on point, then getting the ASICS Runkeeper app can help you with it.  

The app is designed to set achievable running goals, track your progress, and help your cardiovascular training. There are 6 different voices on the app that relay your pace, time, and distance.  

You could also join the in-app programs to keep your motivation high and show serious commitment towards your health!

2. MyFitnessPal

Staying fit means, you have to keep an eye on your diet. But we all know, in lockdown conditions, that becomes incredibly hard.  

Not anymore! With the MyFitnessPal app, you can keep a track of your calorie count, know the nutritional information of hundreds of recipes from their database, and even calculate your calorie necessity depending on your goals!  

You can also participate in active forums within the app and gain motivation from all the consumers there.

3. Home Workout – No Equipment

Not all of us have our workout equipment set up at home. And we are not going to leave those people to fend and work out by themselves.  

With the Home Workout – No Equipment app, you can start getting fitter without the need for any workout setup. You can pick from hundreds of different variants for each body part to keep your workouts challenging and interesting. 

You can also improve your strength by picking more advanced exercises and adding muscle to your frame!

4. Habitify

For all the data nerds out there, who like to have all the statistics at hand, Habitify is the perfect app to help you start and track a new habit.  

Working out at home can often become lackluster and that’s why you need something to keep you on the wheel, exercising to get your perfect summer body.  

Habitify allows you to view patterns in your behaviour and with regular entry you can find out when your motivation peaks and falls. It’s a simple tool that allows you to hack the lethargy that has been stopping you.

5. Pure Barre

If you are bored with running or calisthenics at home, then a dance fitness app may be just the change of pace you need. With the Pure Barre app, you can access the best aerobic workout videos – all in dance form!  

Love to shake a leg? Then this one is the app your phone needs to have.  

These are our 5 app suggestions to help you stay fit at home. You can pick one according to the kind of workouts you enjoy or get them all and add more flavours to your fitness regimen.  

Think we missed a great fitness app option? Mention it in the comments below and let us know how it helped you stay fit and active!


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