5 Covid Warriors from India and how they made a difference

Civil societies around the country have worked hard together to fight the covid battle. When infrastructure was unable to support communities, covid warriors went out to help people live another day.   

Today, we will list five such heroes and sheroes who did their all to help others during the pandemic.   

1. Manzoor Ahmed, Oxygen Cylinder Delivery

Covid Warriors

Asthma patient and small-time truck driver in Kashmir, Manzoor Ahmad, used his small truck daily to refill and deliver oxygen cylinders to the sickly. Despite having a respiratory illness, he risked contamination to help others live to see another day.   

Manzoor has defined the sacrifice that thousands of covid warriors have chosen in India to help others.   

2. Nina Muniyal, Free Food Delivery for patients

Covid Warriors

Nina Muniyal from Agra and a few other ladies help serve nutritious home-cooked food to covid patients. With the help of two delivery guys, she cooked food in her home kitchen every day and got it home delivered to people.   

At one point, Nina started feeding around 100 people every day, completely free of cost. Her initiative was called Prasadam and soon became a stellar example of how covid warriors have saved the country through the crisis.    

3. Dipen Gadhiya, Social Media Resource Verifier

During the second wave of the covid pandemic, a shortage of oxygen and hospital beds left many families clueless. Dipen wanted to help his community in Junagadh, Gujarat and started a real-time resource verification website to verify and upload the contacts of covid resources.   

According to the 23-year-old, one of his friends lost both her grandparents due to a lack of oxygen. This was the turning point for Dipen, who decided to do something to help his town out.   

Like all true covid warriors, Dipen proved that all it takes to make a difference is the will to do so.   

4. Mohammad Javed Khan, Autorickshaw Ambulance

Covid Warriors

An autorickshaw driver from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Mohammad Javed Khan, was greatly pained at the miseries of covid patients and their families. The 36-year-old auto driver decided to make a difference by upgrading his vehicle into an ambulance armed with oxygen cylinders, masks, sanitizers, PPE kits, and an oximeter.   

He drove around close to 90 patients during his drive, some of them traveling as far as 25-30 kilometers. Mohammad Javed Khan is one of those few covid warriors. They even went on to sell his wife’s jewelry to support his initiative.    

5. Gunasagar Sahu, Covid awareness  

When 22-year-old Gunasagar Sahu saw cases increase exponentially in Odissa, he decided to do something about it. He soon connected with the local workers in the region and started going door-to-door and spreading awareness about the disease.   

During his efforts, he found that several myths existed about covid, and many did not understand how contamination spreads. To do his part, he joined the covid warriors of his region. He did the best he could to give everyone the necessary information.    

These are the five covid warriors from India and the difference they could make all by themselves. Let’s thank them for their efforts and share more such stories with the community in the comments section below!

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