5 Easy Tips to Declutter this Diwali

How are celebrations going to feel any special if your home is still disorganized and in a clutter. If you are gearing up for Diwali, now is the best time to invest in getting things organized before the décor begins.

Here’s our list of 5 easy tips to declutter this Diwali. Excited to find out? Let’s take a look:

1. Clean up flat surfaces

Clean up flat surfaces

Often the most cluttered areas are tabletops, kitchen tops, cabinet tops, and other flat surfaces around the house. This is because it is easiest for us to leave little things there and find it any time later.

However, if things spiral out of control, this habit can create the worst looking clutter at home. Before you get ready for Diwali, clean up all your flat surfaces and put the important things like keys and remotes in their designated spaces.

It will make your house look and feel much cleaner.

2. Buy storage cabinets

Buy storage cabinets

With little time left for a grand cleaning, the easiest way to get things done before Diwali is to buy storage cabinets or drawers online and keep all your disorganized objects in them. These are easy to categorize and you can label them to come back later and organize further.

3. Giveaway old items

It is important that you separate the items you do not use anymore from the ones that you use every day. Just remember, if you have not worn a couple of clothes in the last 6 months, it is unlikely that you will use them in the future as well.

Give it away to the less fortunate and spread smiles during the festive season.

4. Create a list

Create a list

While organizing your home for festivities, create a check-list for later to successfully clean up the entire house whenever you have time on your hands. This will help you stay on the right track and not deviate once the festive season is over.

5. Get a shoe organizer

Get a shoe organizer

With guests coming over for Diwali, it looks unsavoury to have their shoes lying all around the hallway or the door.

Get an extra foldable shoe cabinet for such special occasions and your floors will always look clean and organized.

That’s it! Follow these 5 easy tips to declutter this Diwali and you will be ready in no time. If you have some wisdom on this matter that is not mentioned on this blog, share it in the comments section.


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