5 Habits That Are Good For Your Liver

Our liver performs more than 500 functions alone! Yes, you heard it right! It makes the liver one of the hard-working organs of our body! Since it hardly complains, we take this vital organ for granted.  

If you are also making the same mistake, let us tell you that just by making some lifestyle and dietary changes, you can ensure sound liver health.  

Here are some of the habits you should practise to take care of this detoxifier! (Which it really is) 

1. Exercise regularly to stay active

5 Habits That Are Good For Your Liver Health

We understand that doing exercise regularly is quite a challenge for many. But, no matter whatever it takes, you need to do it for the sake of your health. Not necessarily you have to visit a gym and do 30 planks a day!  

Instead, you can take up any sport or go for jogging, swimming, brisk walking and likes to stay active. The outdoor activities will keep you fit and won’t bore you for sure. At least 45 mins of regular physical activity will keep your liver hale and hearty!  

2. Check your sugar intake

5 Habits That Are Good For Your Liver Health

People with a sweet tooth, we are sorry to break it to you that having too much surgery food often leads to insulin resistance and can create a potential threat to your liver!  

However, there is a way out. Instead of artificial sweeteners like refined sugar or any form of fructose, you can incline to natural sweeteners such as honey and jaggery. Who wouldn’t like a glass of freshly squished sugarcane juice after a morning walk?  

Besides providing energy, it will also take care of your liver health.  

3. Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B

5 Habits That Are Good For Your Liver Health

The biggest threat to your liver is Hepatitis A and B. While contaminated food, polluted water, etc., cause Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B results from unsafe sex, unsterilized needles and contaminated blood.  

However, you can protect yourself from these diseases by getting vaccinated. It will safeguard your liver and help you stay healthy.  

4. Look out for the fat you eat  

5 Habits That Are Good For Your Liver Health

Not all fats we consume through the food we eat are good for our liver health. For instance, saturated and trans fats are harmful to us as they get stored in fat cells and can lead to fatty liver.  

It doesn’t meet your need to totally give up on food items with fats. In fact, our body needs a certain amount of good fats to get energy. For instance, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fishes, nuts and seeds and certain plant oils (canola, soybean, etc.) is good for our health.  

Thus, all you have to do is avoid the bad fats and opt for good fats to stay in good shape.  

5. Quit smoking and drinking

5 Habits That Are Good For Your Liver Health

All that statutory warnings against smoking and drinking are not made-up! Smoking and drinking increase the toxic level in your body, and the liver has to work harder to keep it clean.  

Besides, we do not know how much harm it can cause to other organs as well. Thus, it is wiser to lessen or quit smoking and drinking to improve your liver health.  

Are you planning to adopt these good habits that ensure better liver health? Let us know in the comments below! 

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