5 Ideas for you to celebrate Doctor’s Day with your Physician 

Every year, the Indian Medical Association observes Doctor’s Day on July 1 to commemorate their contributions to people’s lives and communities. It was first observed in 1991 by the IMA. Doctors not only help us lead a healthy life but also protect us from several ailments and safeguard our lives during unforeseen medical situations.  

That said, take a look at these 5 ideas in which you can celebrate doctor’s day with your physician.  

1. Send a bouquet of red carnations

Send a bouquet of red carnations 

Did you know red carnations are considered the official doctor’s day flowers in the United States? Typically, red carnations symbolize love, sacrifice, bravery, charity, and courage. Hence, they are deemed ideal for the day.  

However, you do not have to send a bouquet to your physician and a thank you card. This will come off as a small but thoughtful gesture of acknowledging their role in your life. Additionally, a bright bouquet of sunflowers or other flowers will instantly brighten their mood and ambiance.  

2. Send  a thoughtful gift 

Send  a thoughtful gift

Express your appreciation and gratitude towards your family physician by sending a customized gift their way. While it is hard to know your doctor’s preference, you can still express gratitude by crafting a thoughtful card or letter.  

You may also consider sending a box of chocolates, cookies, dry fruits, or a pack of designer pens to your physician to thank them for their noble service. In case selecting a gift overwhelms you, you can send a voucher to convey your respect towards them.  

3. Make an online donation towards the doctor’s community

Make an online donation towards the doctor's community 

Find out if your physician is associated with any charity, social or medical cause, or nonprofit organization. Help them meet their goals by making a small contribution towards their personal beliefs and objectives and honor their endeavor in the best way possible. You can also find out if the doctor’s clinic or hospital accepts online donations to support them and their contribution accordingly.  

4. Raising awareness for mental health

Raising awareness for mental health

Patients and those who treat them like doctors and care providers often struggle with mental health challenges. Some cases can be triggering, while others tend to weigh down on their mental health, causing anxiety and depression.  

However, you can help them open up about their professional trials and tribulations through pro-mental health endeavours. For example, you can make it your objective to educate your fellow beings about doctors’ mental health and try to address the stigma around it.  

Take to public forums and social media to raise the issue so that more people talk about it and ease professionals into accessing the right kind of care and assistance during their service. Though it’s a long shot, it is an excellent way of expressing your gratitude for the medical community.  

5. Host a lunch ( for staff)  

Host a lunch ( for staff)  

In case you are a professional who hosts doctors and care providers at your private hospital or clinic, you can commemorate the day by planning a Doctor’s Day Lunch. Either take charge of treating them to a hearty meal at the clinic/hospital or take them out for lunch to thank them for their relentless service.  

These are a few ways in which you can celebrate Doctor’s Day. However, you do not need the restrict yourself to one day when it comes to celebrating the contribution of doctors to society.

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