5 Lockdown Trends We Picked up Last Year That Have Now Become Hobbies!

The disruption that followed the nationwide lockdown in 2020 left us all stuck at home. Even while working from home, it became evident that things would get challenging if we did not engage ourselves with lockdown trends.   

To escape the dull monotony of not being able to leave the house, we picked up a few trends on the way. One year down the road today, these trends have become hobbies for many of us.   

As we welcome optimism, here’s our tribute to the lockdown trends that helped us cope up with the new normal. You might have tried some of them or all of them, and today you are probably a lot better at it. That’s what we are looking to celebrate!   

Here’s the list of things that kept dullness at bay last year and has now become a part of who we are:   

1. Dalgona Coffee and, by extension, every other type of coffee 

One of the first lockdown trends that hit social media and worked up a storm was the Dalgona coffee challenge. With friends, family, and distant cousins uploading their cup of creamy Joe online, it became a matter of prestige to whip one for yourself.   

And while enjoying the creamy mustache with every sip, little did we know that coffee making would become an art hobby.   

It might have started with Dalgona, but new recipes kept getting added to the list. The coffee hobby did take off from pressed coffees to getting the proper shapes on cappuccinos.   

A year later, many of us have bought coffee makers to try out the different methods and recipes. It has made sipping the beverage way more delicious.   

2. Multiplayer mobile games

Multiplayer mobile games

Trying to find group entertainment from home was one of the several challenges we faced last year. But as the age-old adage goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”   

In no time, multiplayer online mobile games became a thing. People were continuously on the lookout for simpler options that could involve people of all ages. So, while games like PUBG ruled hearts before lockdown, Ludo, 8 Ball Pool, and Among Us became lockdown trends later.   

From discord calls to live gaming, soon it did not feel like we were miles away from our friends and family. And while the names of the games have changed every few months, multiplayer mobile gaming remains a group hobby even today.   

The new kid on the block? Look out for Geoguessr.   

3. Art and Music

Art and Music

When times are tough, art and music have always come to the rescue and last year was no different. Many of us dusted our guitars, drum sets, and harmoniums to get back to learning, practicing, and making more music.   

Online sketching and portrait workshops also garnered a lot of attention from painting enthusiasts.   

And while it may be argued that most of these hobbies made a comeback and were not entirely new, there is no doubt that they could re-enter our lives because of the time we had on our hands.   

Today, many of us are continuing to work on these long-lost hobbies and recollect bits of our past through them.   

4. DIY Art 


Do It Yourself artwork also picked a lot of traction during the nationwide lockdown. We picked up the reusable waste materials from around the house and learned how to make different DIY artwork.   

From a tin can pen stands to painted bottle lanterns and fancy bed lamps, the options were many, and the best part was, it hardly needed anything exotic.   

If you were one of the people who hopped on the DIY bandwagon last year, alone or with your family, then we are proud of you and the things you have created. Don’t stop now; there is plenty of scraps that can find their place on the wall or as a table centerpiece.   

5. Home Gardening

Humans have always tried to find peace in nature. However, situations were not similar during the last year. Nevertheless, we used the one quality we are best known for – adaptation.   

In no time, many of us started following Home Gardening blogs and channels on YouTube to find out how we can grow fruits, veggies, flowers, buds, bulbs, and stems on our balcony. Not only did it help clear our mind, but also became a raging hobby.   

Whatever footing home gardening had lost over the past decade of life moving fast was regained in no time. If flowers are blooming on your balcony right now, you know what we mean.   

These are the 5 lockdown trends that regained their place as genuine hobbies when more people started getting involved. If you have a story about how you picked up a trend and turned it into a hobby, then share it with us in the comments below.   

And don’t forget to post pictures too!

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