5 Monsoon Pet-care Tips that you must know

Monsoon makes us susceptible to various health problems and increases the risk of falling sick. Similarly, it also exposes our beloved pets to the ill effects of the rainy season. Since pets are an essential part of a family, we should take care of them like any other family member.

Some of the most common health issues in a pet during monsoon include – skin infection, digestive problems, and pneumonia. As a pet owner, adjust your pet’s and your daily lifestyle to keep them healthy and happy during the drastic weather changes.

That said, let’s take a quick look at 5 ways to take care of pets this monsoon:

1. Keep them clean and dry

Keep them clean and dry

Your dog loves to go out in the rain and play? No worries, let your fur baby enjoy the season to its fullest. However, don’t forget to provide your pet with the aftercare it needs. Start with a warm water bath with anti-fungal shampoo.

In cities and places where acid rain is a common phenomenon, you should be extra cautious as getting drenched in acidic rain showers can damage their skin and coat. Also, pay extra attention to their paws.

2. Boiled and filtered water

Make sure to give your pet clean and safe drinking water during the rainy season, as the dirty and stagnant water exposes them to the risk of contracting water-borne diseases. Some of the most common illnesses that indicate gastrointestinal issues include diarrhea, nausea, lack of appetite, and abdominal discomfort.

The best way to avoid digestive problems among pets is to keep a supply of clean drinking water that has been boiled and filtered. However, allow the water to cool down to room temperature before your pet takes a sip.

3. Deworm your pets before monsoon sets in

Did you know most of the illnesses linked to monsoon occur due to parasites? To avoid uncomfortable situations, visit the vet and ask if deworming would be beneficial or not. Getting

your pets dewormed will also prevent the risk of parasite transmission from them to other family members. While at it, make sure their immunization is up to date.

4. Get an ideal rain gear

Get protective rain gear for your pets to keep their fur dry. Pat dry your cat or dog after outdoor time to minimize the risk of fungal infection. You can also get the anti-fungal powder to keep your pet’s coat fresh and dry. Invest in a dry shampoo to combat the effects of sudden rain most effectively.

5. Get their ears cleaned

It is crucial to keep your pet’s ears clean and dry to avoid ear infections. Get their ears cleaned regularly and check for infection to get it treated at the earliest. Make it a point to dry their ears after every bath and outdoor activity during the monsoon. Notably, pets with long and closed ears are exposed to a greater risk of ear infections during the rainy season.

The sudden fall in indoor temperature affects pets regardless of their age. To keep your pets from sleeping on cold floors, you can consider buying pet mats and placing their bed away from a spot with a cold draft of air. If you have a dog that suffers from joint aches or arthritis, it might worsen during the monsoon. Consult a veterinarian to gain valuable insight into the situation and avail some handy tips to tackle the situation better.

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