5 people who achieved their success after 40!

All of us think we have a plan of success. However, sometimes success after 40 can become a reality with hard work and perseverance.     

Sometimes, people become successful in their late teens – take any high-level athlete, for example. Other times, they might find their calling and drive well into their mid-life. There is no template to being good at what you do and when you will reach the summit of your professional career.   

In this blog, we will find out some of the famous people who achieved their success after 40. Want to know more?   

1. Boman Irani – Actor

Making his Bollywood debut at 44, Boman Irani quickly made a name for himself with his brilliant acting and well-timed comedy.   

The actor played popular roles like Dr. Asthana in Munna Bhai MBBS and Virus in 3 Idiots. Today, at the age of 61, he is one of the most well-known mainstream actors in Bollywood, making us all believe that success after 40 is a real thing!  

2. Stan Lee – Creator and Illustrator 

Today, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest franchise ever, but where did it start from?   

The man behind the creation and illustration of many famous Marvel characters, including Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and many others, had started breathing life into his imagination at 43.   

Later, he played several cameo roles in Marvel franchise movies, including the X-Men series and The Avengers universe.   

3. Harland Sanders – Founder, KFC

Colonel Harland Sanders is the epitome of legacy and success after 40. The American businessman started his famous fast-food chain in 1952 when he was 62 years old. He developed the secret recipe that has made KFC chicken a legend in the restaurant industry.   

Today, he is a salaried brand ambassador of the franchise after selling it for $2 million in 1964. However, he did retain the franchise’s Canada operations!  

4. Arianna Huffington – Founder, HuffPost

HuffPost is one of the most popular news and entertainment publications online. But very few people know that Arianna started the online magazine when she was 55 years old.   

Early in her career, she worked as a political commentator and writer. But HuffPost has made her a household name today!   

Arianna finally found her financial success after 40, when she sold it to AOL for $315 million in 2011. Currently, HuffPost is owned by BuzzFeed.   

5. Morgan Freeman – Actor

Morgan Freeman is one of the most famous actors and narrative voices on the planet right now. He created magic with his acting in films like Shawshank Redemption and Invictus and lent his voice to several documentaries.   

However, the evergreen actor did not become what he is today until he starred in Driving Miss Daisy at 52. And while it might seem like he has not aged a day since, the legendary actor turned 84 on 1st June 2021.   

These are the 5 people who have achieved their success after 40 and inspired us through their work and dedication, proving once again that some people age like fine wine!

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