6 Meditation tips to help you get started!

Meditation is one of the most pivotal habits for success in the modern age. It increases self-awareness, helps deal with stressful situations, and reduces negative emotions. However, getting started with it is easier said than done.  

Often, people are able to continue for a few days, but fall off the wagon in no time. Which is why, we bring you six meditation tips that help you build the habit and enjoy its benefits in the long run.  

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meditation tips

1. Create a meditation space 

One of the most important meditation tips is to make sure you create a meditative space for yourself. It could be anywhere you will get some peace and quiet, whether it is your balcony or study.  

Make sure that it has access to fresh air and sunlight to optimize your experience of being in the moment.  

2. Get a partner

Everything becomes easier when you get a partner to do it with you. If you are having a hard time making a habit of meditation, then just ask a friend to do it with you.  

You can do it virtually too if you are unable to meet and meditate together. Or else, you can always cultivate it as a family thing to do with everyone else.  

3. Loosen up your body

Meditation is a lot more physically challenging than it looks. If you are getting good at it and can stay in meditative state for long periods, then exercise and stretch to loosen yourself up.  

This is one of the most pivotal meditation tips that often goes amiss. When you are fitter, you can enjoy the benefits of meditation for far longer.  

4. Start with breathing exercises

If you are new to meditation and find it difficult to focus with distracting thoughts popping in your head, then start with some breathing exercises. It is well documented that breathing is an essential piece of stilling our minds.  

Many meditative practices focus solely on different breathing styles.  

5. Practice guided meditation 

For those who have been trying to transition from guided meditation to independent meditation, don’t be in a hurry. Stillness of the mind comes in doing things when you are ready for it.  

When you practice guided meditation, it becomes easier for you to come to focus than when you are doing it on your own.  

6. Get excited about it

To do anything better, you need to take interest in it. This might mean watching new documentaries like The Superhuman World of Wim Hof: The Iceman or reading a few books on Yoga and Meditation.  

Once you know more about other people’s experiences and how meditation can help your life, things get a lot easier.  

These are the 6 meditation tips that will help you get started and become better at this wonderful habit that has the power to change lives.

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