6 Simple Garba moves to impress your friends and family this Navaratri

Garba is a typical dance associated with Navratri! Originating from Gujarat, Garba comes from the word ‘Garbha’ or womb. During Navratri, devotees worship goddess Durga, and afterwards, they perform this particular dance in circles, keeping a burning lamp in the middle.

The movement in circles represents the circle or journey of life from birth to death. The lamp represents energy or shakti that gives us strength. Now, if you want to slay the Garba nights in the upcoming Navratri and impress your friends and family, you must know these simple Garba moves!

Keep practising!

1. Teen taali

Have you ever made chapati with your hands? Well, this step needs you to do the same hand movement. Keep your footwork simple; for instance, take one step forward and centre it. Next, put that leg backwards and centre it.

Along the footwork, make two claps like you are making chapati and with the third clap, free both hands downwards. First, practise this step slowly and then with music! Watch this video for reference!

2. 4 steps forward

As the name suggests, during this step, you have to move side by side in 4 steps accompanied by two turns in between. It means you have to take a step, then turn, then take another step and turn.

With this step, you can do different hand movement variations, like one with claps or one with Lifting one hand and keeping another hand below your torso and snapping the fingers of both hands in rhythm.

3. 4+2 or 6 steps

Although it is also one of the simple Garba steps, it looks flawless and professional while dancing! Keeping the basic footwork, move two steps to your side, keeping a turn in between. So total, you do 4 steps.

Now, return to your starting point in two steps with a turn, making a total of 6 steps in this set. Check this video for a better understanding!

4. Filler steps

While doing 4 or more steps, Garba, you can add these steps to fill the gaps in between. It looks more professional, and you can try new styles and moves, especially with your hand movements. However, in all cases, make sure you follow the beats! You can practise with this video on!

5. Heench steps

With this step, you do not have to move from your place. You can continue the regular footwork of Garba with different hand variations. Starting with claps to snapping your fingers or just one hand raised and another hand below its torso, these steps look good and easy with all of them.

If you feel tired after doing some intense Garba, these heench steps let you rest or slow down while still on the dance ground. Follow this video for reference!

6. Dodhiya steps

These steps look so smooth and graceful during Garba. Dodhiya can be of different steps, like 4, 16 and even 64. Depending on your efficiency level and expertise, you can master them gradually, starting with the 4-step Dodhiya!

However, the footwork always remains simple and easy. If you want to impress your friends and family, just add some frequent turns and twirls! Check out this 64-step Dodhiya Garba!

Have you tried these simple Garba moves before? Let us know in the comment below!


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