7 Positive Pandemic Stories from around the world!

Everyone is looking to feel better and nurture their hope for a better tomorrow. The ironical monotony of an otherwise fast-paced world came to being during the 2020 pandemic. However, humans being true to their humanity are creatures of hope.  

Which is why, positive pandemic stories are happening all over the world. Today on welcome optimism, we bring you seven such tales of hope.  

positive pandemic stories

1. Oldest European Survives Covid

Who said faith will not get you far? A French nun who is also the oldest person in Europe survived the virus a few days before she turned 117.  

Sister Andre actually had an asymptomatic infection and said she didn’t even realize it was different. The nun is also blind and uses a wheelchair.  

2. Barcelona Hospitals take patients to the beach

In June 2020, a Barcelona hospital took recovering Covid patients on beach breaks. It helped them recover and experience the fresh coastal air. Positive pandemic stories like these instill hope even during the darkest hours.  

3. Nonagerian Holocaust Survivor teaches piano

Dr. Cornelia Vertenstein is a holocaust survivor who also teaches piano in her 90s. She used her home in Denver, USA as her school. However, in May 2020 when the pandemic stopped her classes, she was on the verge of closing it down.  

But, like many other positive pandemic storiesshe learned to adapt and was soon teaching her students online. Now, the 93-year-old is using FaceTime to conduct recitals and it couldn’t have been any more inspiring.  

4. Flamingoes flock to Lakes

When the pandemic started, social distancing became the new norm. This meant giving nature the breather she needed from the pollution and abuse.  

Many animals returned to make new habitats in their old spots and flamingoes flocked to many cities on India’s Western Ghats. It was a sight to behold and one of the positive pandemic stories you can never forget.  

5. World War Veteran raises GBP 18 million for NHS

What do you do when you are a World War 2 veteran who has also survived cancer and a hip-replacement surgery? Well, if you are Tom Moore, you obviously do more. The 100-year-old completed 100 laps of his garden in Bedfordshire.  

This earned in GBP 18 million for the NHS in the UK. He also managed a knighthood and gratitude from the Duke and Duchess of York, making it one of the most inspiring positive pandemic stories ever.  

6. Doctors wear smiling photos of themselves to ease patients

PPE kits have made it difficult for patients to feel familiar with their doctors. Which is why a few doctors from the USA started sticking pictures of themselves smiling on their protection suits.  

It became a social media sensation and created an opportunity for patients to know who was treating them.  

7. Formula One designs breathing aids

In a bid to reduce demand for ventilators, Formula One engineers in design breathing aids for patients that will not require assistance from ventilators.  

In many ways, these positive pandemic stories from across the world share tales of perseverance, optimism, and hope.  If you have similar experiences, then share it in the comments section below with the Club Benefique community.

Reference Link: https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/g31658888/coronavirus-covid-19-good-news/ 

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