7 Simple Snack Recipes to Try at Home

Everyone likes to taste something new for a change. But with increasing health awareness, trying junk or fast food frequently is never the best option.  

We know the question that’s on your mind: Is there a way out? 

The answer is yes. And we have done all the work for you.  

Here’s our list of 7 simple snack recipes that you can try at home and enjoy a fun family snacktime together.

1. Oreo Banana Pancakes

Love Oreos? If you too are a fan of creamfilled chocolate biscuits, then Oreo banana pancakes are the perfect snack substitute.  

Get the full chocolate and creamy flavour of the biscuit and the goodness of milk and banana. A healthy meal at any time of the day. If you are super-health conscious, then add a scoop of chocolate flavoured protein powder in the mix and you have the ideal post-workout meal! 

2. Namkeen Poha

Poha or chiwda has always been considered a healthy snacking option. But why go outside when you can get the same taste right at home?  

Follow this Khatta Meetha Poha recipe and cook yourself a sweet and savoury meal to enjoy with family.

3. Golden Coin Eggs

Golden coin eggs are the perfect snack to hit your protein requirements with a tasty twist. Pop them in while sipping protein shake or put it on the evening snacks menu at home to surprise everyone.

4. Restaurant-style Taco Mexicana

If you and your family are a fan of the popular Taco Mexicana, then there is no need to depend on the restaurant anymore. Check out this easy recipe that helps you get the same taste at the convenience of your home!  

Cook it for your entire family and watch their amazement when you reveal that it habeen prepared at home. 

5. Crispy Paneer Popcorn

Paneer and popcorn lovers can finally unite under the umbrella of this lip-smacking snack. It’s got the goodness of paneer and the spicy taste of condiments that are going to excite your appetite.  

Cook at home and munch along with your friends and family during the next movie night!

6. Fish Finger

Fish is one of the most viable and lean sources of non-veg protein and giving it a crispy twist could make all the difference in taste.  

Use this easy to cook recipe and get your family hooked to the plate whenever you serve these fingerlicking fish fingers!

7. Rava Vegetable Cutlet

For vegetarian and South Indian cuisine fans out there, the Rava vegetable cutlet is going to be a sumptuous snacking option. Rich in minerals and nutrients, this recipe could become one of the favourites for all age groups at the house.  

Our list of 7 simple snack recipes to try at home is ready. We hope you enjoy trying out the ones that look interesting and post pictures in the comments section.  

You can also share your unique snack recipes with pictures below and allow our community to try them out!


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