Top 5 90’s Pop Songs That’ll Take You Back to Your Childhood

If you are a 90’s kid, you will know that it was a blissful era of amazing songs. Be it Indian or western, the catchy pop songs, upbeat rap or mushy romantic numbers, have made you music fan and made your childhood awesome.

While it is almost impossible to narrow down the best or top 90’s pop songs, we have listed 5 such songs that are unforgettable and are timeless, at least for 90’s kids.

1. Tanha Dil Tanha Safar by Shaan

This song at once reminds us of Shaan’s melodious voice and his infectious smile. Nothing describes better one’s longing for the loved one than this song. With this single song, Shaan made a huge fan base and boom! He secured a permanent place in Bollywood.

2. O Sanam by Lucky Ali

The calming voice of Lucy Ali took this song to a new height. Unarguably, O Sanam is one of the 90’s pop songs that redefined romance. The lyrics like ‘samjhe zamaana ki dil hain khilauna, jaana hai ab kya hai dil ka lagaana’ hit differently every time.

This Iconic singer was unconventional, considering he turned down the proposal of becoming a full-time playback singer. Instead, he poured his heart into creating good music, and in all honesty, they are powerful and unforgettable.

3. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

How can a 90’s kid ever forget this song and its simplicity? Starting from high school convocation to homecoming, this song has been etched in our minds ever since its release.

You can give a six-string to any frat boy, and he will play this song without a second thought! Besides, Green Day, the famous American rock band, also gave us hits like American Idiot, 21 guns, When I Come Around, and the list goes on.

4. Made in India by Alisha Chinai

Featuring one of the most desirable Indian Men of India, Milind Soman, this song was an instant hit that is still on the playlist of 90’s kids. Alisha Chinai’s this Indi-pop album was the first ever to compete with Hindi film music albums in terms of sales (more than 5 million copies were sold)

5. Bolo Tara Ra Ra by Daler Mehndi

We all agree that no Indian party is complete without this full-of-energy song. It can get one dancing anywhere. This song features Mehndi himself, and if you hear the song, it is given that a party is there!

Which are your favourite 90’s pop songs in Hindi and English? Let us know in the comments below!

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