5 Tips to Help You achieve your reading goals in 2021!

There have probably been a few times when you were surfing the internet and came across the importance of reading, as quoted by some billionaire. No matter whose advice you follow, the truth is almost all self-made billionaires spend a lot of their time reading.   

So, if you want to draw the same inspiration and achieve your reading goals of Goodreads this year, then we have some hacks to help you get there with time to spare. Are you interested in finding out?   

Here’s our list of habits that can help you read more books and stick to your reading list.   

1. Try Audiobooks

If you are okay with not reading your book and listening to it, then audiobooks might be what you need to read more in 2021. You can get an Audible membership or even play your favorite audiobooks on streaming platforms and YouTube.   

This way, you can achieve your reading goals faster while multi-tasking and not worry about going for days without getting any closer.   

2. Always carry a book or switch to e-books 

Most of us spend time commuting, and it’s a great time to catch up on your reading habit. Many people waste their commuting time watching videos or surfing social media, which they could use to complete a new chapter and learn a new thing.   

If you don’t want to carry physical books that make your bag heavier, then download Kindle on your smart device and read e-books on the go.   

3. Read outside your genres

Maybe you are into self-help books or only read classic fiction. Whatever the case, it is sometimes a good idea to mix things up to achieve your reading goals. It brings a change of pace that might be just the catalyst you need to get hooked.   

And the best part about reading is, you never know if you will find your self-help in classic fiction, or vice-versa!   

4. Buddy up

Every exercise needs a partner to ensure that you are never low on motivation. If you want to achieve your reading goals and not give up in the middle, getting a reading buddy is a great idea.   

Not only do they allow you to discuss things you read, but they also motivate you when the need arises. You and your reading buddy can start with the same book or pick different ones – as long as both of you are in it together, and it doesn’t matter!   

5. Embrace not being able to read the book

We are sure that you’ve had plenty of excellent book recommendations that were very popular but did not hit the spot for you. When something like this happens, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.   

Instead, embrace the fact that you did not finish the book, and maybe you are not ready to read something like that yet. Move on to something new so that you do not get stuck.   

These are the five habits that can help you achieve your reading goals in 2021. We wish you all the success, and don’t forget to comment on the list of books you have read till now this year in the comments section!

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