3 Must-Try Authentic Anglo-Indian Recipes for Christmas!

Christmas is a time for holidays, celebrations, family, and some excellent cuisine. If you are looking for a more authentic taste for your Christmas dinner this season, then you should check out a few authentic Anglo-Indian recipes.   

Anglo-Indians are a small Indian community that has a mixed heritage of European and Indian ancestry. They have a unique cuisine, making their Christmas recipes even more exciting for those who have never tasted them.   

In today’s blog, we will look at three authentic Anglo-Indian recipes that you can add to your Christmas menu. Excited? Let’s find out:   

1. Steamed Carrot-Ginger Pudding 

Are you looking to try a different Christmas dessert than the good old cake? The steamed carrot-ginger pudding with tea custard will be a change in your palate. It’s an old Anglo-Indian recipe with plenty of heritage and fusion to make your family go wow with every bite.   

Here’s a detailed step-by-step recipe video for you to try at home during Christmas week or dinner:  

2. Calcutta Christmas Fruitcake 

Fruitcake and Christmas are inimitably interwoven with each other and the Anglo-Indian culture. It’s simple, tasty, and an excellent start for people just learning how to bake. There is no fancy frosting to do, and it requires little outside of the basics.   

The Calcutta Christmas Fruitcake will add the flavor and zing your Christmas needs to end the year on a high.   

Check out this two-part video recipe and find out how to bake yours:   

Part 1
Part 2

3. Pepper Pork Ribs

An Anglo-Indian Christmas menu without a heavy serving of non-vegetarian delight is definitely out of character. The pepper pork ribs are reminiscent of their English culture, infused with the delicacy of Indian flavors.   

If you are a fan of meat, then this should be part of your Christmas menu. Check out the step-by-step guide and cook yourself a little spare because it will be hard to say no.   

These are the authentic Anglo-Indian recipes that you must try this Christmas. It will give you a taste of how Christmas was celebrated back in the day by the English colonizers and how we managed to preserve it in an Indian way!

Think we missed something? Mention in the comments below and share your authentic Anglo-Indian recipes with the community.

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