4 Animated TV Shows from the 90’s that you can still enjoy

The ’90s were a fantastic time for cartoons, movies, and nostalgia. Many of our memories involved hurrying back from school and switching on the TV to watch our favorite animated TV shows.  

If you are looking to regain that innocence in today’s fast-paced life, then we have brought you 4 animated TV shows from the 90’s that you can enjoy with your family. Ready to find out what they are?   

Let’s take a look:   

1. Duck Tales

Everyone remembers Uncle Scrooge, his massive wealth, and the little ducks Huey, Dewie, and Louie. Their adventures were one of a kind and would bring a smile to our faces whenever they got on TV.   

While the show ended in 1990, it ran on Indian television well into the 2000s, making it a favorite for all who enjoyed watching cartoons! Rewatching Duck Tales among our list of animated TV shows will bring back some fond memories for you.  

2. Samurai Jack

If action is what got you hooked to the TV during school days, then we are sure Samurai Jack was one of your favorites. The Samurai that sliced shape-shifting demons with katana’s edge was a favorite for many.   

The simplistic animation and compelling storyline make this one of the best animated TV shows to go back to.  

3. Batman: Animated Series 

For true lovers of the Dark Knight, the Batman: Animated Series was the holy grail of adaptations. It had all the good elements of the comics and brought impressive character arcs, to say the least.   

Batman: Animated Series was from when DC animated TV shows were a big deal, and we wish those days would come back again.   

4. Dexter’s Laboratory

Find us a soul born in the 90s who has not heard of Dexter’s Laboratory, and we will show you an animated TV shows rookie. The adventures of the genius kid scientist and his naïve older sister Dee Dee were a laugh riot for all of us!   

And who didn’t want to grow up and become a genius scientist like him?   

These are our picks of animated TV shows that you can still watch and enjoy. You will find many of these episodes on YouTube or other streaming platforms.   

Think we missed something? Let us know your favorite 90s animated TV shows in the comments section below. 

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