6 ways to avoid gaining weight during the Holidays

avoid gaining weight during the Holidays

The holiday is season is here, and it’s time for some indulgence in the coming days. While enjoying your time during the last few days of the year is a must, it’s a good idea to avoid gaining weight during the holidays.   

Many of us have struggled with fitness ever since the pandemic hit, and there’s no point adding to the struggle. This is why we looked for tips, hacks, and tricks around the internet to find you six ways to avoid weight gain.   

Excited to find out? Let’s take a look.   

1. Increase your protein intake

While we do want you to avoid gaining weight during the holidays, it should not come at the cost of enjoyment. So, if you are looking forward to full platters during Christmas and New Year’s, we suggest you stick to more proteins.   

Not only are they great for your health, but also, proteins fill you up faster, making it harder for you to overeat. Plus, you can still save face with your gym trainer!   

2. Choose low-calorie alcohol options

It’s hard to say no to alcohol during this time of the year, but keeping things responsible is always essential. If you want to have a good time, you can always choose low-calorie alcohol options like red wine, vodka, or tequila.  

This way, you can make sure you aren’t missing out on all the fun, and once it’s time for New Year resolutions, you are already a step ahead.    

3. Cut out the soft drinks  

It’s okay to have a glass every now and then but try cutting down on soft drinks if you want to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. These have a high concentration of processed sugar, making it an unnecessary challenge to your daily calorific intake.   

Instead, opt for fruit juices and shakes since they are healthier and definitely tastier.   

4. Cook for your house parties

We know it’s a tall ask, but house parties are the right occasion to show your cooking skills and avoid junk food intake. You can check out these authentic Anglo-Indian recipes to choose from.   

This will give you a chance to have a more personalized event at home rather than getting food home-delivered.   

5. Don’t skip workouts 

Balance is crucial if you want to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. So, while it might be challenging to keep up with the fun, work, and workouts, it’s essential to maintain discipline.   

It does not have to be your most intense workouts, but at least spend 30 mins of activity every day.   

6. Add some salad with every meal 

We know there will be a tasty spread waiting for you at all places during the last week of the year. This is why you should not miss out on some salad. It helps you develop a healthy appetite and also balances your unhealthy calories.   

These are the six ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. Got your own suggestions to prevent weight gain? Share it with your community in the comments below!  

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