Celebrating Mompreneurs

Mompreneurs: Women who managed to juggle successful businesses while raising kids

Who are Mompreneurs? This unique title is for those who are juggling family and business, creating a trend in entrepreneurship. Club Benefique's Welcome Optimism initiative takes this opportunity to celebrate the ladies who are doing it all and creating new benchmarks. Here's our list of Mompreneurs who are leading the way:
Indian Shows on OTT Platforms

5 Actors Who Got their Due because of Indian Shows on OTT Platforms

As glamorous as it is, being an actor is a tough job. Often, talent is not enough. Mainstream Bollywood looks for other talents like physique, dance, good looks, and numerous other variables. However, this system only created losses for actors who were not perceived mainstream but brimming with potential...
viral positivity videos

Dancing with the Warriors: Viral Positivity Videos by Frontline Workers

The pandemic hit us hard, and doctors, nurses, and frontline workers became the warriors who swore to protect us by risking their lives. But they did not just stop at curing and taking care of us. Some of them even shared viral positivity videos that inspired us, cheered us, and made us laugh in these harsh times...
How Content Has Become the New King in Bollywood

How Content Has Become the New King in Bollywood

Last year has been disruptive for most industries, and Bollywood is no different. With lockdown being imposed throughout the country, film theaters had to stop operating. Even though rules have been relaxed, turnouts are still far from being the same.