4 Ideas to Celebrate Global Day of Parents (1st June) 

Spend time with parents

Parents do a lot of things for their children throughout their lives, and we hardly acknowledge them. However, you can now say your parents ‘thank you’ for their selfless love and relentless care for you and your siblings, if any, on Global Day of Parents (1st June).  

Check out some of the best ways to celebrate Global Day of Parents and bring smiles to their faces.  

1. Spend time with parents  

We are so caught up with work and daily chores that we hardly get time to sit with our parents and have a good conversation. Trust me; nothing makes them happier than taking your time out and having a heart-to-heart conversation with them.  

Therefore, if you want this Global Day of Parents to count, visit them if you do not live with them or spend time with them. It will not only make them happy, but you will also feel blessed to have loving parents by your side.  

2. Arrange a family gathering  

Parents love to see their full family together. But, sadly, only during festivals or any family function do all the members get together. Thus, what can be a better way to celebrate Global Day of Parents than arranging a small family get together? 

You can arrange a potluck at home or go for a family lunch or dinner on this day. Talk to your family members, and surely they will happily agree to spend the day together with you and with your parents.  

3. Buy them a thoughtful gift  

We all would agree that our parents hate when we spend on gifting them something. However, they would not mind accepting a thoughtful gift. You can, of course, spend as much as you want to buy a gift. But do not forget to make it personalised.  

For instance, you can gift them a photo collage of your childhood pictures with them so that they can relive the fond memories once again. Alternatively, if your parents are cool and do not shy away from trying new things, you can bough them matching outfits and click some cute pictures with them.  

Likewise, you can also gift them flowers and books by their favourite authors. You know your parents the best and therefore make the choices accordingly!  

4. Go on a staycation  

Do you remember the last time you went on a vacation with your parents? Well, on this Global Day of Parents, you can arrange a short trip with your parents. If there is a time constraint and it is taxing for you to arrange everything at the last moment, you can also opt for a staycation!  

You do not have to travel long, and your parents will have a change of setting for a day. You can search online for nearby staycation destinations. Depending on your parents’ preference, you can choose a luxury eco-resort outskirt of the city, or book a farmhouse surrounded by greenery!  

What is your plan to celebrate Global Day of Parents this year? Comment below!

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