Mompreneurs: Women who managed to juggle successful businesses while raising kids

Who are Mompreneurs? This unique title is for those who are juggling family and business, creating a trend in entrepreneurship. Club Benefique’s Welcome Optimism initiative takes this opportunity to celebrate the ladies who are doing it all and creating new benchmarks.

Here’s our list of Mompreneurs who are leading the way:   

1. Gunjan Loomba Babbar (Shabari)

Gunjan started her home décor venture Shabari through Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Her products focus mainly on modern aesthetics and quirky pop culture. They are perfect for people who like their homes to be an extension of who they are.   

According to Gunjan, most of Shabari’s orders come from their Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Her marketing has primarily relied on word of mouth. You can check out Shabari’s products here.    

2. Abhilasha Jain (Marwadi Khana)

Abhilasha’s mompreneur story started with a simple Facebook post where she called for orders of authentic Rajasthani Daal Baati Churma. Her cooking started getting more traction, and soon she moved into a 1000 sq. Ft. Kitchen and even hired help.   

Starting in 2019, Marwadi Khana has focused on authentic Marwar cuisine. Her catering business now services everything from weddings to social gatherings and more. You can check out her services here.      

3. Chinu Kala (Rubhans)

Sometimes fairy tales do come to life, and Chinu Kala’s story is that and much more. Having been thrown out of her home at the age of 15, she established her business, Rubhans, an antique jewelry brand that earns around Rs. 7.5 crores today.   

Her grit and determination helped her find success after having started with just 300 rupees. Chinu’s mompreneur story is a shining example for every woman who wants to find their way to the top. Check out her brand here.  

4. Shruti Ajmera Reddy (Hapup)

Shruti founded Hapup after extensive research that pointed out that most baby food products have one or more toxic products. She decided to formulate new baby food that eliminated the harm and focused on nothing more than health and nutrition.   

You can check out this mompreneur’s baby food mixes right here.  

5. Upma Kapoor (Teal & Terra) 

Upma started Teal & Terra with her savings and invested Rs. 7.5 lacs into the Ayurvedic cosmetics brand. She finds her inspiration and strength from her son and credits her success to being a mom.   

Today, Teal & Terra earns revenues of above Rs. 2 crores, and her story will inspire many more. Check out her products cruelty-free products here.  

Our mompreneurs are changing lives and making new rules to success. If you have a mompreneur story, do not forget to share it in the comments section below.

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