Colour trends in home interiors – What’s hot and what’s not

Now that we are just a few weeks away from 2023, many of you might be planning to give your home a makeover.

But before you pick your paint scheme, there’s a lot to consider.

Do you know what colours are in this season?

If you are not updated, we are here to assist you with it! Here’s our list of trending home interior colours that are setting the tone for the coming year.

1. Jade

Colour trends in home interiors Jade

The upcoming year is going to be all about jewel tones in bedrooms and bathrooms. From pale greens to light blues, there’s plenty of scope for both vibrant and tranquil moods.

It has a classic Mediterranean vibe that builds a European persona for your house, one that you should definitely consider.

2. Lavender

Colour trends in home interiors Lavender

With searches for purple, lilac, and lavender increasing as interior paint choices, Lavender is definitely an interior hit for the upcoming season!

Associated with wealth and royalty, it is definitely going to give your wall a perfect finish!

3. Fuschia Pink

Colour trends in home interiors Fuschia Pink

As more shades of hotpink make it back to the mainstream holding the hands of bold interior décor enthusiasts, fuschia pink can definitely make your rooms more Insta-ready.

Create extra-drama for an overall cinematic effect with a gloss paint finish!

These are our top three picks for home interior colour trends.

Tell us what you think of our suggestions in the comments below.

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