How can dance help you better handle stress?

Stress is one of the rising concerns that has aggravated further during the pandemic. With most professionals shifting to WFH and losing regular human contact, mental health has been shifted towards the edge.  

However, we have to talk about preserving our mental health as time moves on. This is why we bring you one of the best things to regulate your mood – dance!   

Researchers have conclusively proved over several decades and studies that there are many mental benefits to dancing. Here’s our look at how dance helps beat stress:  

1. Music  

The most obvious way in which dance helps beat stress is through music. It is well known that music can create powerful emotions in us. Thus, listening to upbeat music can help us feel easier and more stress-free.   

So, if you are feeling stressed, put on the music that makes you shake a leg, it’s going to help you feel a lot more relaxed in no time!   

2. Brain boosting effect 

Dance is no less than exercise, and exercising boosts endorphins. Dance helps beat stress by increasing happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine and giving you a euphoric feeling.   

This destressing method helps you focus on the essential things in life and be in the moment rather than overthink.   

3. Alternative Medicine   

Stress and anxiety medications often have side effects and take a long time to show results. It hinders a lot of people suffering from the condition not to seek help. Dance helps beat stress by becoming an alternative form of treatment.   

It needs no pills and works for everybody!   

4. Promotes overall balance  

As evident and depending from form to form, dancing is a tremendous exercise in flexibility and balance. Dance helps beat stress by stretching and relaxing your muscles while also syncing you with beats.   

When you dance, it’s like doing yoga and meditation together.   

5. It is a means of expression

When we are stressed, our body experiences high adrenaline and cortisol levels to initiate the flight or fight response. Modern stress makes us stay in state for a prolonged period, making it difficult to carry out our other functions.   

Dance helps beat stress because it is a means of expression. Through their art, dancers can express any form of emotion, be it anger, disappointment, morosity, or happiness. Dance helps them heal faster and achieve a point of acceptance that would otherwise have taken a long time.   

These are how dance helps beat stress. So, if you are feeling stressed and anxious, maybe shake a leg to your favorite beat. And if you are already a dancer who uses to express your emotions, mention your story in the comments below! 

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