4 DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for your home

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to bring a little spook to your home décor, which is why we got you a few easy and fun DIY Halloween craft ideas that you can make along with your kids. We promise they’ll enjoy a little bit of horror and lots of play that go into making these crafts.   

You could ask their friends to come over too and get started, especially if you plan to have a trick-or-treat Halloween party indoors. Excited to find out what we have in store for you?   

Let’s take a look:   

1. Halloween Garlands 

Halloween garlands are a staple decoration this time of the year and add to the spook and fun. It’s a harmless décor that you can enjoy making with your kids, and you don’t need to worry about terrifying them to death.   

Follow our suggested video above and make different forms of your garland, from pumpkins to ghosts and even bats. We promise you it is one of the DIY Halloween craft ideas that will please all ages.    

2. Paper cobwebs

People who love horror already know the effects of cobwebs in old, dilapidated houses. If you want your Halloween décor to exhibit a similar feel, paper cobwebs made from colored paper are probably one of the best DIY Halloween craft ideas for you.  

Don’t know how? Follow our easy tutorial step-by-step video, and you will be good to go!   

3. Cardboard Witch House

No Halloween décor is complete without a witch house, and making one out of cardboard with your kids can be loads of fun. It will give your Halloween party a more realistic feel and definitely wow your guests and followers on social media.   

For those looking to take their Halloween spirit to the next level, the witch house is one of the most entertaining DIY Halloween craft ideas out there! Follow our suggested video guide to find out how you can get a super-realistic one with very few DIY requirements.   

4. Origami Spiders

What’s Halloween and cobwebs without a few creepy crawly spiders?  

Breathe life into your spooky décor with these easy Origami spiders that require nothing more than a sheet of paper! Follow our origami guide and introduce your children to the Japanese art of paper folding.   

These are our suggested DIY Halloween craft ideas. Got your own or think we missed something? Then mention your Halloween décor plans in the comments section below and share them with the community!

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