2021 Recap: 5 Things that Defined the Year

As we leave 2021 behind, there are mixed feelings regarding how the year went. Like all other years, it was defined by highs and lows, but it did follow one of the most disruptive years in the 21st century.   

So, while we move on with the New Year and goals, here’s a look at five things that defined 2021.  

1. More than 8.47 billion vaccinations were administered 

Within just one year after the pandemic took us by surprise, pharma companies were able to go through several vaccination trials and administer over 8.47 billion vaccinations. The vaccinations have become the most extensive immunization campaign in history, and according to experts, we are around three months away from reaching 75% vaccination of the world population.   

The vaccination drive is a story of human persistence and adaptability, making it one of the five things that defined 2021.   

2. Drones helped us with plastic pollution

A UK-based startup named Ellipsis Earth has created camera-equipped drones that can survey and identify the origin of plastic pollution in areas. This is helping governments identify littering hotspots, install more bins, and find solutions aligned with the local geography.   

Plastic pollution is one of the rising environmental concerns of today, and this progress counts as one of the five things that defined 2021.  

3. Dutch Bee Hotels kept Bee populations stable

The Netherland’s National Bee Census saw 11,000 people participate in bee counting. But the big news was that the census revealed that the urban bee population had remained stable over the last few years.   

According to experts, initiatives like hollowed plant stems which act as bee hotels, and a ban on chemical weed killers have helped stabilize the bee population. This news is an excellent sign of our efforts at environment conservation and can be counted among one of the five things that defined 2021.  

4. NASA manufactured Oxygen on Mars

Nasa’s Perseverance Rover was able to convert Mars’ carbon dioxide rich atmosphere into oxygen. This is a great leap in science and one of the first steps towards interplanetary existence for the human species.   

And this happened in April 2021. We may not be far away from vacationing in the Red Planet!   

5. The first passenger aircraft with 100% sustainable fuel was flown

In the last month of 2021, 100 people flying to Washington DC from Chicago became the first passengers to board a one-engine plane running on 100% sustainable fuel.   

The fuel was made from sugar water and corn – making it something right out of a science fiction movie.   

These are the five things that defined 2021. If you think we missed something, mention it in the comments below and share it with your community! 

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