4 Games for a Fun House Party this New Year!

New Year’s Eve is all about meeting friends and family to end the year on a good note. But because of social distancing, attending clubs or parties may not be feasible for all. However, there is no need to worry because we have the best fun house party game collection for you.  

Today, we will look at four games that can make your house parties a lot more fun. Let’s find out:   

1. Line Up

If you are looking for a fun house party game filled with activity, you should try lineup. It is super simple and easy for everyone to play.   

You need your friends to gather in a circle and then play some music to groove to. As the music stops, the game conductor yells out a condition – e.g., line up according to height.   

The group then has to scramble and line up accordingly before the music is playing again. People who stand in the wrong order will be eliminated. The last person standing wins the game!   

2. Hinglish songs

Want a musical vibe to your house party? The Hinglish song is the perfect fun house party game for you.    

All you have to do is make chits of your favorite Bollywood numbers by their first lines – the only twist is you translate them into English. The conductor of the game opens the chits and asks questions.   

The person with the most significant number of correct answers wins.   

3. Improv

Who does not like an interactive game with a humorous twist? Improv is all that and more. The idea is for each participant to take two minutes and use one household item to make funny improvisations.   

E.g., if you have a bucket, you can act like it’s a hat or a handbag. The idea is to make it evident through your act without saying anything. And that’s where all the fun is!   

4. Bedsheet Ping Pong 

Are you looking for something innovative and exciting? Bedsheet ping pong is the fun house party game you need. All you have to do is take a bed sheet and hold each corner with one player.   

Players on the same side play as a team. You put a ping pong ball in the center and roll and bounce the sheet to outmaneuver your opponents.   

The aim of the game is finally dropping the ball from your opponent’s half!  

These are our picks for fun house party game ideas you can add to your next New Year’s Bash at home! So, what are you still waiting for?   

Have more game ideas? Mention in the comments section below. 

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