6 Habits to Keep Your Heart Healthy after 40!

A healthy heart can go a long way in making life more enjoyable, especially once you are in your 40s. But such things are easier said than done. Most people misuse their youth by ignoring healthy heart habits and then become dependent on medication later.  

So, we wish to let you know how you can prevent it from happening by following these tips:  

1. Exercise often

healthy heart habits

When it comes to keeping your heart healthy at any age, nothing can help you more than working out. However, you mustn’t already have existing heart conditions that prevent you from cardio.   

For most people, exercising, especially aerobic routines, can strengthen your heart muscles and improve stamina. It is one of the best healthy heart habits to cultivate, especially in your 40s, to help you live a long and fulfilling life.   

2. Quit smoking

healthy heart habits

There is no upside to having a smoke, especially once you are in your 40s. Cigarettes have several toxic chemicals and carcinogens that increase the risk of cancer and heart disease. Nicotine is also a vasoconstrictor – which means it constricts the blood vessels and hinders the circulation system of our body.   

Therefore, if you want to care about your health, one of the healthy heart habits you could adopt is to quit smoking.   

3. Get your blood pressure in check

healthy heart habits

If your blood pressure is constantly above the 130/80 mark, then maybe it is time to consult a doctor. Consistent high blood pressure can strain your heart and make it more difficult for you to lead a healthy life in the years to come.   

You could consider buying a blood pressure monitor at home and frequently checking to ensure that everything is in order.   

4. Lose weight

healthy heart habits

The best strategy to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels during your 40s is to lose weight. According to experts, even a 10% reduction can significantly lower the risks of heart ailments.   

For those unable to exercise, choosing a more nutrition driven diet plan is one of the best healthy heart habits you can adopt.  

5. Meditate

healthy heart habits

Stress is a silent killer, especially when it comes to cardiovascular ailments. As your career and family grows, you can easily get overwhelmed by multi-tasking. The best way to reduce stress levels is to meditate regularly.   

Once your stress moves down, your chances of heart disease will also become negligible over time.   

6. Drink tea

healthy heart habits

A recent study conducted at the John Hopkins Hospital has concluded that one cup of tea a day can reduce the chances of heart disease by 35%. The research has also observed that people who drink tea also tend to have healthier lifestyles.   

Maybe getting yourself a cup can do the same for you!   

These are the top six healthy heart habits that can make a difference to your heart health in your 40s and help you live a more fulfilling life! 

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