4 High Demand Jobs in India for the Next Few Years

The pandemic has changed a lot of things on both personal and professional levels. It compelled people to rethink their career opportunities as; most likely, their priorities have changed in life.

While some existing career options are getting on the back foot, new job opportunities are coming into scene, thanks mainly to massive ongoing digital transformation. Following is a list of some high demand jobs in India approved by career experts that you can consider for coming years:

1. Blockchain Developers

Since almost all companies worldwide are all set to boost their digital footprint in the next few years, IT industry is likely to boom ten-fold. To be more specific, the demand for Blockchain developers has already hiked, primarily after cryptocurrency is taking the market by storm.

Now, cryptocurrency is heavily dependent on a Blockchain system, a distributed database, to safely maintain the records of transactions. While Blockchain is perhaps the safest database that guarantees security and fidelity without third-party intervention, only a handful of developers know how to design architecture for the same.

Resultantly, the demand for efficient Blockchain developers is on the rise across industries such as financial services, healthcare, IT.

2. Artificial Intelligence Specialists

If you have skills in machine learning, Python, natural language processing and likes, you are a perfect fit for one of the high demand jobs in India – Artificial Intelligence Specialists.

The job role includes helping machines learn to understand the environment better and take actions accordingly to give accurate results. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now widely used across sectors to facilitate automation and improve UX (User Experience).

Indian cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune offer great opportunities for both freshers and experienced in this field.

3. Customer Success Specialists

The success of an organisation lies greatly in its customer handling efficiency. What makes a business stand out among others is how well they understand their customers and their unique needs.

Here comes the role of Customer Success Specialists, who are in charge of team management, account management, customer retention, customer relationship management and likes.

If you have a management degree and acumen for problem-solving, this career is for you. Moreover, you do not have to go abroad, as cities like Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai have immense opportunities that you can leverage.

4. Career Counsellors

Even a decade ago, no one could imagine pursuing a full-time job as a career counsellor. Well, surely the time has evolved! While India has a large talent pool, it loses half of its possibility only due to a lack of knowledge of the right career path.

To address such issues, India needs more career counsellors who can guide you to choose the best job opportunities you have considering your qualifications. As per a report by The Hindu, India has only 500 counsellors for every 1.5 million job seekers.

Now you know why it is one of the high demand jobs in India.

What do you think are the high demand jobs in India for next few years other than these? Comment below!

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