5 Hobbies you can monetize using social media

While having a full-time job is excellent, hobbies too hold earning potential in the internet age. But what are the kind of hobbies you can monetize using social media?  

In this blog, we will discuss five such hobbies that might help you earn using social media. Welcoming Optimism means the proper use of all your talents, and here’s our list to help you out in the endeavor.   

1. Bakes and Desserts

Hobbies you can monetize using social media

If you are good at baking and making desserts, starting your online bakery on Instagram is a perfect idea. Personal bakeries are top-rated, especially if you can create topical and eye-catching cake designs.   

Start with giving a piece of the cake to your friends for trials, and then ask them to provide you with a shout-out on their profile. Also, here are a few pro tips to get your orders fast.   

  • Upload pictures of your cake menu (at least once a week)  
  • Show off your customer testimonials   
  • Create tutorial content to grab more customers   

Baking is one of the best-suited hobbies you can monetize using social media, so don’t wait anymore!   

2. Jewelry Making

Hobbies you can monetize using social media

If you’ve always had jewelry design ideas, why not start a jewelry line on Instagram with your designs. You can quickly get the raw materials from jewelry markets or even buy them online at wholesale rates.   

Once you have your designs ready, start a WhatsApp business group, Facebook group, and Instagram handle. We will tell you exactly what to do where.   

  • WhatsApp groups are the perfect place to show your designs to close friends and family.   
  • Facebook Live videos allow you to reach a broad audience and host a show that focuses on your designs.   
  • Instagram is the best to show off pictures and match them with the right clothes to let your audience know what your designs work with.   

Follow these suggestions and make jewelry making one of the hobbies you can monetize using social media.  

3. Fashion Blogging

Hobbies you can monetize using social media

For those who have always been the best-dressed around and often get compliments for their unique sense of style, fashion blogging is one of the hobbies you can monetize using social media.  

Show off the best elements of your wardrobe and mix-n-match to create new looks for your followers. Instagram is the best place to start your fashion blog, and you can extend it further with your WordPress website that is very easy to create.     

Make sure you employ the following strategies to gain followers fast:   

  • Photoshoots of your newly created looks   
  • Create trending reels related to fashion  
  • Drop the link of your latest fashion blogs on your Insta bio  

It is a good idea to decide who your target audience will be from the get-go and then start creating your profile accordingly.   

4. Writing

Hobbies you can monetize using social media

Are you a wordsmith who is confident they can help people and brands express themselves better?   

Then why not try writing as one of the hobbies you can monetize using social media. You can do it too. If you want to monetize fast, start uploading your writing and connecting with writers and companies on LinkedIn.   

On the other hand, if you are not inclined towards business writing and want to explore your literary talent, starting a WordPress blog is a good idea. You can also create your page on Medium and join the Medium Partner Program that pays you according to your reader engagement.   

5. Art and Craft 

Hobbies you can monetize using social media

People love gifting personalized art to their dear ones. If you think you are good at making those, you could consider art and craft as one of the hobbies you can monetize using social media.  

The best place to gain a following and new customers for such a hobby is Instagram. You can start by posting your art and craftwork and making tutorials on typical crafts to gain exposure fast.   

Many artists also use the video format through reels and IGTV to reach out to more like-minded people looking for similar work.   

These are our top hobbies you can monetize using social media. You can start by following similar accounts on respective platforms to determine how they make the most of social media to make money from their hobbies.   

And always remember, it’s not going to happen overnight – so make sure you keep posting regularly and do not lose hope. The more you post, the more you learn what works and what does not.   

We hope that making money from your hobbies welcomes more Optimism to your life. 

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