Holi Trivia Games


Welcome to our fun Holi trivia. It is time for you to show off your love for the festival of colours! Comment your answers to our questions and get a chance to win exciting gift vouchers this Holi.

Round 1: Tell us what color combination makes your favorite Holi shades?

For example, if the color is navy blue, you will have to pick the combination from the choices that would make navy blue.

1. Yellow

A. Red & Green
B. Red & Blue
C. Blue & Green

2. Pink

A. Red & Grey
B. Orange & White
C. Red & White

3. Saffron

A. Green & Blue
B. White & Orange
C. Red & Green & Yellow

4. Purple

A. Blue & Green
B. Red & Blue
C. Yellow & Green

5. Silver

A. Blue & Black
B. Blue & Black & White
C. Black & White

Round 2: Fill in the blanks to complete these famous Holi songs

  1. Balam _______ jo tune mujhe maari
    Toh seedhi saadi chhori ________ ho gayi
  2. Hori khele __________ avadh mein, hori khele ________
  3. Kurti pe teri maloon gulaal
    Rang bata ______ ya _______
    Air mein tere udte baal
    Aaja rang doon dono gaal
  4. Har dushwaari bas tum tak
    Meri har ________ bas tum tak
    Meri har _________ bas tum tak
    Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, tum tak

Round 3: Trivia

1. Select the name/s used for Holi in different parts of India.

A. Dol Purnima
B. Dhulandi
C. Rangwali Holi
D. Yaosang
E. All of the above

2. Holika was the aunt of which Narayana/Vishnu devotee?

A. Hiranyakashipu
B. Narad Muni
C. Prahlad
D. Arjun

3. Which Indian calendar month is Holi celebrated in?

A. Shravan
B. Phalguna
C. Chaitra
D. Baisakha

4. Which of these deities are associated with playing Holi?

A. Shiva & Parvati
B. Radha & Krishna
C. Ram & Sita


  1. Dr Praveen Biradar

    Round 1
    1 red and green
    2 red & white
    3. Red green yellow
    4. Red & Blue
    5. Black and white

    Round 2
    1 pichkari sharabi
    2 raghuveera raghuveera
    3 Blue ya Lal
    4. Hoshyaari Taiyyari

    Round 3
    1 all the above
    2 prahalada
    3 phalguna
    4 radha & Krishna

  2. Ajit Pal Singh

    My answers for ROUND 1 are;

    My answers for ROUND 2
    1. Pichkari, sharabi
    2. Raguveera, Raghuveera
    3. Blue, Laal
    4. Hoshiyaari, Tayyari

    My answers for ROUND 3

  3. Kavita

    1 orange & blue
    2 a pichkari
    B raguveera rahuverra
    C blue lal
    D batain nazar
    3 phalguna
    4 radha krishna

  4. Kavita

    Orange & blue
    Blue ya laal
    Batain nazar
    All of above
    Radha krishna

  5. Sunil

    Orange & blue
    Blue ya laal
    Batain nazar
    All of above
    Radha krishna

  6. Divya Hamirbasia

    Round 1-
    1A, 2C, 3C, 4B, 5C
    Round 2-
    1. Pichkari, sharaabi
    2. Raghuveera
    3. Blue, laal
    4. Hoshiari, tayaari
    Round 3-
    1E, 2C, 3B, 4B

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