Best Holiday Destinations for April 

‘April is the cruellest month’ to T.S. Eliot, but frankly speaking, it is not that bad, especially if you love to travel! April marks the arrival of summer in India, and after a pleasant spring, our mind seeks to relax and chill in a distant place!  

Here are some holiday destinations for April that can satiate your wanderlust on a budget!  

1. Kashmir  

Best Holiday Destinations for April

If you are planning to visit Kashmir, April is the perfect time to enjoy the best of both worlds! In simple words, it is the only time you will get snow in Gulmarg while the famous Tulip garden will be in full bloom and open for the tourists!  

While the plain gets hotter, the weather in Kashmir in April is pleasant, and you can get the best view of snow-clad mountains and valleys full of blossoms on bright sunny days!  

2. Dalhousie 

Best Holiday Destinations for April

One of the coldest and most picturesque hill stations, Dalhousie is any day a summer retreat in India. You can easily get lost in nature amidst the tall pine trees and soak in the beauty of this place.  

Trekking is another attraction of this place that makes it one of the best holiday destinations for April in India. You can trek from Khajjiar to Chamba and get the unfiltered beauty of the snow-covered mountains. Explore the local sightseeing, including the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary.  

3. Gangtok

Best Holiday Destinations for April

The Land of Monasteries, Gangtok, is the capital of Sikkim and a travel paradise for tourists! It is a small city where you can witness a mix of cultures and of course some spectacular mountain views!  

You can make Gangtok a base and explore all the parts of Sikkim! The route to North Sikkim most remains closed during winter due to heavy snow. But, it reopens in April, and you can visit zero point, Gurudongmar Lake, Mt. Katao, and enjoy the snow!  

Besides, Zuluk, Nathu La Pass, Silk Route, and Tsomgo Lake are some of the best places you can visit from Gangtok.  

4. Cherrapunji

Best Holiday Destinations for April

We have read about Cherrapunji in school as this place records the highest annual rainfall in India. But, you will fall in love with the place for its majestic waterfalls and lush green subtropical forests.  

The monsoon in Cherrapunji is rough, and therefore April is the best time to explore the jungles by foot while crossing some small streams and collecting beautiful pebbles!  

5. Tokyo

Best Holiday Destinations for April

If you are looking for Holiday destinations for April abroad, Tokyo should be on the top of your list. From mid-March to early May, Tokyo boasts the most beautiful cherry blossoms. This city also arranges the Cherry Blossom Festival to welcome tourists worldwide.  

During this time, the cherry blossoms paint the city pink and create a magical background for your travel pictures! Besides attending the festival, you can also explore the largest capital city of Japan and try new cuisines, and learn about their culture.  

Let us know your personal favourite holiday destinations for April in and outside India in the section below!

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