How Rediscover the Feeling Called Home helped us become a closer community?

When lockdown loomed its mundane shadows last year, we at Club Benefique dared to do something different. In our bid to welcome optimism, we are going to take a stroll down memory lane and recollect how we came together as a community to make the most of the time we had at our hands.   

Rediscover the Feeling Called Home was a social media campaign we decided to bring together to add a little spice and community spirit into our lives.   

But how did the campaign bring all of us together? Here are five highlights from Rediscover the Feeling Called Home that will probably make you nostalgic!   

1. Engaged 38,000 people

The first wave of the pandemic had created a lot of fear and paranoia among us, and we did not know what to expect. When we started our social media campaign to bring some relief to our homebuyers in the midst of all this, they embraced us wholeheartedly.   

Social media metrics conclude that the campaign posts reached over 16 Lac people and engaged with over 38,000. There was no denying that your acceptance of our initiative only made us more committed to bringing you unique experiences, even in lockdown.   

2. We shared Binge lists

One of the positive changes that came with the lockdown was that finally, even the busiest of us had time on our hands. This meant getting to know our families all over again and catching up on things we had lost track of with time.   

To help all of us come together, we shared curated binge lists that suggested the best movies (old and new) for movie nights that needed to be fun. From Hera Pheri to Hungama, we ensured that you know the access to nothing but the best comedies!   

3. We shared our hobbies

Hobbies are what kept us occupied last year. But many of us had lost touch with what we enjoyed doing. Rediscover the Feeling Called Home thought differently – we decided to reconnect you to the little things that matter.   

From how to start journaling to cool science experiments to do with your kids at home, we ensured that there is a little something for everybody.   

4. We learned new things 

There’s no time and age for learning – that’s what the pandemic taught us. Many of us went back to our books and used the time to learn new skills that will help us professionally. A few just went back for the sake of knowledge and constructive use of time.   

Rediscover the Feeling Called Home was always bringing you new opportunities to learn whatever the case was. From listing out the best online courses to sharing tips on boosting your immunity, knowledge had become a medium for our community to communicate.   

5. Workshops, Contests, and Online Events

What’s life without a bit of thrill?   

With Rediscover the Feeling Called Home, we wanted to ensure that everybody had their share of fun. We introduced exclusives with online collaborators and held DIY and other contests, Graphic Designing Workshops, and even posted humor material on our social media accounts.   

Our online dance event gave you the chance to let your hair down for a while and move to the groove.   

Most of these memories will be of laughter while watching our favorite movies or diligence when we decided to do better in life. Some of it even gave us a taste of euphoria every time we did something that made us proud of ourselves.   

These memories and feelings helped us survive, and this time is no different. This is why, Welcome Optimism, is in many ways, our new social media campaign to let you know that communities stick together and make sure none of us lose hope.

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