How to be more productive while WFH?

Work from home has become a new reality for thousands of professionals in the country today. And while it has its conveniences, sometimes WFH mode can leave productivity behind.  

If you feel you are someone who spirals down YouTube rabbit holes during work hours, these productivity tips and tricks may just be what you need to get back on track.  

Here’s a look:

1. Compartmentalize at home

There’s a reason why the office feels more productive even though you have to travel. In our mental association, it gets us ready to work for the day.  

The home, however, is associated with comfort. This makes it difficult at times to focus throughout the day. An easy fix to the problem is to create a small workspace for yourself. The absolute essentials would be good lighting and ventilation, a table, and a chair.  

If you have space for more things, add a soft board for your sticky notes, a fancy pen stand, or an artsy paperweight.

2. Force yourself to focus

There are 1000 techniques on the internet to help you focus. Some might ask you to play classical music. Others might suggest that you sit with a timer and focus for 25 minutes before every break. The solutions may sound many, but it is one.  

If you feel distracted by anything at all, force yourself back into focus on the task at hand.  

It’s much like training our monkey-mind to listen to you. Which is where the next point comes in.

3. Incentivize your small achievements

Completed the work in an hour as you had planned?  

Then listen to the song that was in your head, trying to distract you.  

Motivate yourself with short guilt-free distractions every time you can complete a desired task or goal for the day. Remember, none of us can hold focus for the entire 8 hours of the workday; we should reward our ability to do so willingly.

4. Do more of what you do

You must invest more time in knowing your profession and what’s happening in its world. And we don’t just mean within your industry. Look for inspiration everywhere and try to implement all of that in whatever it is that you do.  

This helps you get excited at what you do and try to bring more creativity and innovation to your work.

5. Play or exercise

Working from home can make your life sedentary. This means less movement and lesser endorphins throughout the day. This will often leave you feeling sleepy and sluggish at odd hours of the day.  

To counter all of this, increase your level of activity. Play a sport you like, exercise, and if you are super lazy, get a PS console and play active motion games. Trust us, it helps your motivation.  

Follow these work-from-home tips regularly and we promise improvement. If you do them right, you might even end up ticking off all the work on your to-do list for the day.  

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