5 Tech Ideas That Change World Future

With the pace at which technology advances, the days are not far when we can colonise other planets! Scientists worldwide are constantly making innovations that could change our lives forever, avert natural disasters and what not.

Following are a few tech ideas that change world future for our good. These ideas may seem to come straight out of science-fiction, but they are actually happening, if not immediately.

1. Virtual Reality World

As we all know, Facebook changed its name to Meta. It clearly shows Zuckerberg and his team’s drastic shift to the metaverse, a 3D virtual world with augmented reality.

No wonder Meta will now focus more on accessing this virtual world, mostly via VR. For that, they are also working on developing a new headset titled ‘Project Cambria’.

Unlike their previous VR, this device will offer a superior VR experience with advanced face and eye-tracking technology (for realistic and accurate avatars).

VR is getting a lot of funding across the globe, and very soon, you can enter into a virtual reality universe for in-game movements and other several activities.

2. Hydrogen-powered Planes

Reducing the carbon footprint is one of the major concerns of the world right now. However, a plan to introduce hydrogen-powered commercial planes is one of the most promising ideas that change world future.

A UK project (Fly Zero) collaborated with the Government to launch a mid-size plane fuelled by liquid hydrogen.

If the project goes as per the plan, very soon, we can ensure zero-carbon flights that can travel half of the world in one go.

3. Brain Reading Robots

Owing to the futuristic machine learning algorithms, scientists have already curated a robot with brain-reading technology. The researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne developed a technology for tetraplegic patients to interact with world around them.

Till date, the robot arm can perform simple tasks, and the algorithm can interpret signals from the brain with the help of an EEG cap. Over time, it can improvise to make wheelchairs led by brain or smart devices for such patients who cannot move their lower or upper body.

4. Digital ‘twins’ for health tracking

We are already aware of getting our whole body scanned by a digital scanner for security or health purposes. However, in that line, a US company built a scanner that can measure or scan hormone levels or fat accumulated in liver or cancer cells and create a digital avatar of the patient (also called digital twin).

It will help doctors track health conditions better and ensure accuracy in diagnosis.

5. Artificial Eyes

A few years ago, bionic eyes existed only in science fiction. But now, it is very much possible in the real world, thanks to supreme technologies. Israeli surgeons already successfully implanted the world’s first artificial cornea into a 78-old bilaterally blind man.

After removing the bandage, he could recognise his family members and read immediately. This invention is revolutionary in treating different types of vision impairment.

What do you think are fascinating ideas that change world future? Let us know in the section below!

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