3 Must-Have Indian Road Trips for every type of traveler!

Road trips are a bucket-list item for most and there are too many options to consider. So, we decided to help you out of the confusion and tell you what is the best road trip for your kind of traveling.

So, if you have your things packed and ready, let’s get set to put the wheels in motion.

1. Mumbai to Goa for the Friends Gang

Mumbai to Goa for the Friends Gang

For this one, we really don’t need to mention why.

Popularised in the cult classic Dil Chahta Hai, the Mumbai to Goa road trip is a must for every friend’s group that wants to have amazing pictures and lasting memories.

With scenic hills, and the smell of sea lingering in the air, it is one of the moments that should brighten up everyone’s life. Another cult movie on friendship, Rock On, has also shown a similar journey!

2. Delhi to Bikaner for the Touring Family

Delhi to Bikaner for the Touring Family

Explore the roads from Delhi to reach the regal city of Bikaner. Enjoy the magnificent forts, palaces, and sand dunes, that will transport you back in time.

Visit the Karni Mata temple, known for its famous rats.

Delhi to Bikaner is the perfect family road trip, because it has something for lovers of nature, culture, history, and religion.

There’s a lot to learn about our past and you can enjoy the time with your family!

3. Manali to Leh for solo travelers

Manali to Leh for solo traveler

If you are a free bird looking to explore outside and within at the same time, then the Manali to Leh road trip is for you.

Ride through the winding roads on your motorbike and watch the snow-capped peaks all around you as the cool mountain breeze hits your face.

Honestly, being in the nature does not get any more fulfilling!

These are our 3 must-have Indian road trips for every type of traveler. Tell us what kind of a traveler you are and your favorite road trip memory in the comments!

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