5 Me-Time Ideas for You to Celebrate International Being You Day

Life can get really difficult at times, and therefore all we need is some time off for ourselves. Don’t worry! If you cannot go on a vacation right now, having some me-time daily will help you stay sane amidst all chaos!  

Although every individual is different, and so is their definition of unwinding, we have curated some simple me-time ideas for you! You deserve it, and hope it helps!  

1. Make yourself a priority 

While we prioritise our loved ones, we tend to forget ourselves completely. Therefore, this International Being You Day (May 22), make a promise to prioritise yourself all over again. Once you start taking care of yourself, you will feel much better.  

2. Give yourself the gift of time  

Do you remember the last time you had some free time to relax and be yourself? No right! It is the perfect day to gift yourself some time and slow down. If you find it hard to squeeze out some time from your busy schedule, just wake up a little early or go to bed a little late.  

You do not have to devote an entire day to yourself. Just take a few seconds to enjoy your morning coffee and breakfast or read your favourite book! It is not that difficult.  

3. Write a gratitude letter to yourself  

If you are looking for some unusual me-time ideas, we have one such for you! You must express your gratitude to others now and then. But have you ever put some energy into being grateful for things you are capable of?  

Write a letter or make a list of things about yourself that you are proud of. For instance, you are juggling work and family time like a pro or eating healthy and doing exercise for the last 2 months, etc.  

Keep the letter to yourself and open it on the days you feel down on yourself. It will instantly give you some positivity!  

4. Do what makes you happy 

Be it a lack of interest or time, we often forget about our own happiness. Unknowingly, we stop doing every little thing that makes us happy.  

Therefore, you should have some me-time when you can do you. Do what makes you feel alive. Reconnect with your passion and spend some quality time with yourself. You will feel much more energetic and productive!  

5. Buy yourself a nice gift  

Spending me-time is all about feeling good about yourself, and what can be better than a gift to lift your mood instantly! No matter how many gifts you get from others, it feels so empowering when you gift yourself your favourite thing.  

It doesn’t necessarily need to be super expensive; it can be anything like a new plant, a spa session, a ticket to live concert, a self-coffee date, or anything your heart desires! 

Do you like the me-time ideas we have for you? Let us know in the comments below! 


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