How international football clubs are tackling climate change

Climate change is one of the pressing concerns all over the world. Numerous nations and organizations are dedicating more of their resources to stop the effects of ecological change.   

But are efforts limited to authorities? Even international football clubs are trying their best to ensure that they do their bit for the environment.   

1. Premier League hosts its first net-zero game

International football clubs

On September 19th, the English Premier League hosts its first net-zero game between Tottenham Hotspurs and Chelsea. It is the first major football match in the world with net-zero carbon use.   

This is an excellent start for the English Premier League as the fraternity takes a positive step towards tackling climate change among international football clubs.  

2. Forest Green Rovers FC goes green

International football clubs

The EFL League Two is well known for its ecological measures. According to their Chairman, Dale Vince, the entire stadium has a vegan menu. It is run on green energy and carbon-neutral gas.   

Even the pitch on the stadium is organic. The club has received praise from FIFA for being the greenest club among all international football clubs. Even the UN has declared them as carbon-neutral.   

3. Tottenham Hotspurs is the greenest club in Premier League  

International football clubs

The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium is GBP 850 million and runs on 100% carbon-neutral gas and renewable energy. Armed with a waterless urinal system, reusable cups, and a waste management scheme that does not contribute to landfills.   

4. Borussia Monchengladbach offers free public transport 

International football clubs

In Germany, Borussia Monchengladbach has decided to give free public transport up to 300 km from the stadium to all its ticket-holders. The club has realized that transport is the highest driver of emissions for the football club.   

The club is trying various measures like cheaper parking, car-sharing incentives, and even negotiating deals with the railways to increase capacity on match-days.   

5. Other initiatives by international football clubs

International football clubs

Other major international football clubs are also taking green initiatives. Manchester City has started with edible cups, while Liverpool has started a veggie pie stand. Juventus has promised that the club will plant 200 trees for every goal they score.   

Dutch League holder Ajax is focusing on innovation to create a revolutionary football stadium. It invests in 4200 solar panels and harnesses the rest of its energy from wind turbines in Oudendijk.   

With so many international football clubs paving the way for green initiatives, it is an excellent time for football and the environment. Let us know in the comments if Indian clubs should look at similar goals! 

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