International help for India is a message of global hope!

Once upon a time, a man had many sons, all of whom would constantly bicker against each other. To teach them a lesson, he called all of them one day and asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. He passed the pile to each of them and asked them to break it. All of them failed. 

He then asked them to take a stick each and try breaking them. They were quickly able to do so. 

In this manner, he taught the lesson that the only way to overcome hardships triumphantly is to work in unity.

Strength in union

And if there is one event that is exhibiting unity from the world over, then it is the foreign aid our country is receiving in its time of need. 

India has done her part for the global good by supplying various countries with vaccines, Remdesivir, and Hydroxychloroquine. In a gesture of unity, the world’s nations have decided to help India battle against the global pandemic.  Here’s a list of the aid we have received and how it gives us hope for a better tomorrow. For the first time in the last 16 years, India has opened its doors to foreign aid.

Countries that have offered help

1. USA

The United States has come forward to help its ally with several installments of medical aid. From oxygen cylinders to concentrators, N95 masks to Rapid test kits, and Remdisivir vials to large-scale oxygen generation systems, the USA is doing its part to help us.

Till now, the country has sent over 10 lac rapid test kits, 16 lac N95 masks, over 540 oxygen concentrators, 450+ oxygen cylinders, 200+ pulse oximeters, 400+ regulators, and 1 deployable oxygen concentrator. 

It has further promised multiple large-scale oxygen generation units to support up to 20 patients each and 900+ concentrators.

2. United Kingdom

India had proved a valuable ally when 50 lac units of vaccines were sold to the UK during early March. Our gesture in their time of need has only strengthened the joint resolution to leave this time behind us. 

Having sent over 2000+ concentrators, 900 cylinders of 46 lac capacity, and 200+ ventilators, the country has also promised 1000+ concentrators and 3 oxygen generation units large enough to help 50 people at a time.

3. Russia

Russia and India share an excellent diplomatic relationship. To help India combat the current situation and come back stronger, Russia has offered 75+ ventilators, 20+ concentrators, and over 150 bedside monitors along with medicines.

4. Other countries

Several other countries and organizations have also come forward to offer their help.

  • Australia has delivered over 1000 ventilators and 46 oxygen concentrators. 
  • Switzerland has contributed 600+ concentrators and 50+ ventilators. 
  • The European Union has sanctioned over 100 million Euros for medication and health equipment. 
  • France and Germany have also chipped in oxygen and ventilators, amounting to great benefit for the Indian health drive. 
  • Other smaller countries contributing to the campaign are Ireland, Netherland, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Finland, and Estonia in Europe. 
  • Among Asian countries, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Mauritius, South Korea, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Bhutan, Kuwait, and Bangladesh, have also sent help in medicines, oxygen supplies, and health infrastructure. 

The Indian government is redirecting all of these contributions to the different states that need the aid.

Our lesson of hope

There is no denying that the world and the country are going through an unprecedented situation. But in this time of need, the world’s citizens have come together to join hands and help each other out. This reflects the presence of unity and harmony in humanity to face and overcome any challenge irrespective of the differences.

Likewise, we also should put in our effort to help each person in need, even if it means just spreading the word. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and share your story of hope and optimism with your community. 

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