5 Lessons by Guru Nanak to teach your kids this Gurupurab!

The founding Guru of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, was born in the 15th century and chose to dedicate his life to spreading the message of God. One of the main lessons by Guru Nanak was the idea of Ik Onkar, or One God that exists within all creations.   

With this philosophy, he roamed far and wide across Asia, establishing the Sikh religious order. Even though it has been close to 500 years since his demise, much of what he says can still be meaningful today.   

In this blog, we will take a look at five of his lessons that you can teach your kids to help them build a better tomorrow.   

1. Help the poor

When he was young, the Guru’s father gave him Rs. 20 to start a business for himself. However, Nanak decided to buy food with the money and then gave it away to the poor.   

When his father asked what he had done with the investment, he said he had participated in ‘true business.’ His act of kindness is memorialized at the Sacha Sauda gurudwara, where poor people are fed to this day.   

It is one of the most profound lessons by Guru Nanak, never to forget the oppressed.   

2. There is One God

The Guru propagated the idea of One God or Ik Onkar and did not believe in the segregation of people by religion. He taught that the Supreme Being resides in all of us and that each of his creations was meant to live harmoniously together.   

It is one of the primary lessons by Guru Nanak that might be able to bring about real change in the world and stop religious violence.     

3. The Equality of Women  

While it is relatively common now to perpetuate equality of rights and opportunity for women today, the same could not be said 500 years ago. Guru Nanak lived in a time when most religious and political leaders would decide the qualities of an ideal woman and how she should conduct herself.   

Nanak and his order of Sikhism allowed women into Gurudwaras and asked them to join the men in service and in praising God. The equality of women was one of the principal lessons by Guru Nanak.  

4. Avoid the five evils 

The first Sikh Guru taught his disciples to avoid the five evils to lead a disciplined life. They are ego, anger, greed, attachment, and lust. If one can stay away from these five evils, then there will be less suffering!   

5. Fight superstition

The Guru did not believe in superstitions and often devoted himself to fighting traditions that made little sense. He thought that superstitions held us back and that if one had faith in God, there was no reason to be superstitious.   

These are the five lessons by Guru Nanak that still make a lot of sense today. Teaching them to our kids will help them build stronger personalities that are ready to change the world.   

If you think we have missed some of the lessons of the Guru that could also be taught to children, let us know in the comments below!

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