National Doctor’s Day: 6 Ways to Make the Doctors we Know feel Special!

During this pandemic, doctors have ensured that our country can still stand on its two feet despite the crises. The fraternity’s numerous sacrifices have provided us strength so that we can ward off the pandemic even with its many limitations. So, on this National Doctor’s Day, let us take some time off to thank them for their contributions.   


Welcome Optimism brings you six ways in which you can show your gratitude. Let’s take a look:   

1. COVID Warrior Mug  

Their fight against the virus has been relentless, and you can let them know that you understand how difficult the past year has been. A coffee mug customized with their name and “Salute to COVID Warrior” will be the perfect way to show your gratitude on National Doctor’s Day.   

After all their hard work and sacrifices, it will surely make them a lot happier.   

2. Write them a hand-crafted card

Personalized cards may not be picture-perfect, but they sure do have a lot of emotional value. You can come together as a family and design a hand-crafted card for the doctors you know personally.   

We’ll leave the card’s content up to you, but do not forget to mention your salutation to the covid warrior in them. It will be the perfect surprise for them on National Doctor’s Day.  

3. Make a Thank You Video along with your family

Many of us have recovered from COVID in the past year, and our doctors are who we should thank. So, why not come together as a family and send a Thank You video to the doctors, you know, this National Doctor’s Day.  

It will not only make them feel more special but also remembered for the sacrifices they have made.   

4. Send them a heartfelt text

Sometimes, it becomes hard for us to take out time to make grand gestures of acknowledgment. However, the magic is always in the little things. If you have a lot on your plate and cannot take out time from your schedule, why not share a heartfelt text.   

Send it to your family physician, friends who are doctors, any doctor you know. It would mean the world to them and cost you nothing.   

5. Write a social media thank you post

Some of us may not know doctors personally, and yet we still want to make sure we can bring a smile to their faces. Then why not make a heartfelt social media post. In today’s age, we celebrate and express all our emotions on our social media handles. We should take the opportunity of National Doctor’s Day to do the same.  

Who knows, maybe it will reach out to some doctor scrolling through posts at the end of their shift and make them smile.   

6. Share our latest blog with them

Recently, we published Dancing with the Warriors: Viral Positivity Videos by Frontline Workers after searching for the best viral videos of doctors trying to cheer up patients. It is an acknowledgment from the entire Club Benefique community of how our doctors went the extra mile to make sure we stay strong even in sickness.   

So, this National Doctor’s Day, and even a few days after, take some time to bring a smile on their faces. They’ve been the warriors in the war we are still fighting!

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