3 Interesting Facts About National Maritime Day 

National Maritime Day in India is widely celebrated every year on the 5th of April. This day was first acknowledged and celebrated on the 5th of April, 1919. However, it was to mark the successful journey of the first ship, SS loyalty of The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd from Mumbai to the United Kingdom.  

To date, this day is celebrated to extend support for intercontinental commerce and the world economy at large. It also aims to promote awareness about establishing Intercontinental trade as an organized, safe, and environmentally responsible means of transporting goods.  

On that note, let us find out some of the most popular and exciting facts about National Maritime Day.  

3 Fun facts that you should know about National Maritime Day

Before we dive into the fun facts of National Maritime Day, note that India boasts of an enormous coastline extending up to 7517 km. Also, India’s maritime industry is recognized as the 16th largest globally, with 12 major ports and about 205 minor and intermediate ports.  

1. The Theme for National Maritime Day 2022 

Each year, National Maritime Day observes a particular theme that serves as a base of all events organized on D-day. This, India celebrates its 59th National Maritime Day and has picked ‘New Technologies for Greener Shipping’ as this year’s theme. The theme for last year was Sustainable Shipping beyond Covid-19.  

2. The history of Indian shipping  

Indian shipping and its history came into existence with the journey of SS Loyalty from Mumbai to London. However, India joined the International Maritime Organization or IMO in 1959. The said organization is in-charge of norms related to India’s maritime safety, guidelines, and pollution control. In other words, this organization drafts standardized maritime conventions.  

3. National Maritime awards 

Each year, an award ceremony is organized to honour individuals who have massively contributed to India’s maritime industry. 

Here’s a quick introduction to the different award categories presented by the National Maritime Day Celebrations Committee (Central):  

  • Varuna Award: It is the highest award given to recognize individuals who have made outstanding and sustainable contributions to Indian maritime. 
  • NMD Varuna Award: This award comprises Lord Varuna’s statue and a Citation. It is awarded to those who make a significant contribution to the industry and have made several achievements through their profession. 
  • Outstanding Contribution to Maritime Education and Training: It is awarded to those entities who have made sustainable and remarkable contributions towards education and training in the maritime industry.  

Note that in the year 2021, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, had announced a 10-year Blueprint for the maritime industry. Further, the Maritime Vision 2030 aims at overhauling India’s maritime sector with nearly Rs. 3 lakh crore investments and a prospect of generating employment for over 20 lakh individuals.  

Lastly, the United Kingdom, in its Maritime history, has nominated International Maritime Organization for its contribution to marine protection and controlling ship-induced pollution recognizing its role globally.  

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