5 Hygiene Tips to Keep in Mind as Move to Endemic stage

As the pandemic recedes and we move back to normal, we must remember that we are entering a new world. With one of the world’s most extensive vaccination drives, India is fast moving towards the endemic, and we will discuss the five hygiene tips to be aware of during this stage.   

What is an endemic?

An endemic is when a disease becomes common among the population, and people make their peace with it. They develop immunity, and the number of casualties caused by the disease drop significantly.   

So, what are the hygiene tips to keep in mind at this stage? Let’s take a look:   

1. Keep your mask on

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Even when you are double vaccinated, mask on while visiting crowded places. Vaccinations provide you with an immune response to the virus, and you can still get infected. The idea is that your symptoms will, in most cases, be mild to moderate.   

Make mask wearing a habit to prevent contracting the disease in the first place. This way, you ensure your health and the health of people around you and your family!   

2. Use alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water

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Cleaning your hands is an utmost necessity to protect yourself from the virus. Using an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water is the best way to ensure that your hands remain clean. Ideally, you should use a hand sanitizer with over 70% ABV as it provides maximum protection.   

Keep the hand rub on you while venturing out, and always use it before you come in touch with people or decide to eat something.   

3. Cover your mouth and nose with the bent elbow

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Whenever you have caught a sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and nose with the bent elbow and not your palms. This way, the droplets are absorbed by the skin and contact an area that is not used to touch or greet other people.   

This is one of the essential hygiene tips to keep in mind.   

4. Get COVID tested if you have symptoms 

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In case you have symptoms of the disease, get COVID tested immediately. Self-isolate until you are tested negative and have a healthy diet with proper fluid intake. If you have moderate to severe symptoms, get in touch with your physician immediately and seek medical assistance.   

These are a few hygiene tips that we still need to keep in mind as we start venturing out and living with the virus. Think we missed something?   

Share your thoughts and personal hygiene tips in the comment section below!   

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