Unity in Diversity: Pandemic Stories of Help by Communities

The pandemic really strained every available resource and put to test our humanity. But as the culture of India is steeped in kindness and self-sacrifice, by communities came forward to help others out during tough times.  

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the pandemic stories of help that stand by our principal Unity in Diversity. Welcome optimism brings you stories of hope!

pandemic stories of help

1. The Dawoodi Bohra community establishes kitchens 

Several cities in India have witnessed members of the Dawoodi Bohra community supply others with food and medicines during the pandemic. Their services are available to people of all religions.  

In Nashik, the community even tied up with the local administration to offer food and other utilities to slum dwellers. The community also set up helplines in Pune to hand deliver food and medicines to covid patients.  

2. Powai Bengali Welfare Association covid initiatives

The Powai Bengali Welfare Association has been up to several initiatives in the past. However, most of their resources were dedicated to COVID during the pandemic. Their Durga Puja fund for 2020 was used for relief to provide food and disaster management in one of the most inspiring pandemic stories of help.  

This gesture by the association standing in solidarity with others is a big move showing how communities need to stand for each other.  

3. Kolkata Sikh community feed the hungry

Sikh community from the Gurudwara in Behala have come together with the Indian Humanity Assistance Foundation and the Kolkata Response Group took the onus for cooking langar meals for the hungry.  

The team cooked over 3500 meals a day and made sure that everyone from beggars to rag-pickers do not have to stay hungry during the pandemic.  

4. Contributions of the Tibetan Buddhists

The Tibetan Buddhist community of India also took charge of their social responsibilities. Tashi Lhunpo, a monastery in Karnataka contributed Rs. 1.5L in the PM Cares Fund and 1L to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.  

It also distributed ration to poorer households and members of the police force.  

Tibetan communities in Dehradun helped others with masks and daily rations in another inspiring pandemic stories of help. The Tibetan Government in exile also contributed 3L to the Kangra relief fund.  

These communities and many others have come together to help the country rise up against the challenge of COVID. The strength of our country lies in its pluralism that cultivates unity in diversity. 

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