4 Best Places to visit in November 2021!

Winter vacations are on the way, and it’s time to get traveling again. If you are looking for great locations to travel to during this time of the year, then we have you covered. Here’s a list of the four best places to visit in November 2021.  

So, what are you waiting for? Read this list and get ready to board on a journey to a great vacation ahead.   

1. Coorg, Karnataka

places to visit in November

Often hailed as the Scotland of India, Coorg is a small hill station in Karnataka. Its scenic beauty and untouched landscape have also given it the moniker of Kashmir of Southern India.   

The cool climate is pleasant, and the natural greenery is a sight for sore eyes. If you are an adventure buff who likes to trek, this is one of the best places to visit in November 2021.  

Places of interest: Abbey Falls, Talakaveri, Raja’s Seat  

2. Varkala, Kerala

places to visit in November

Located in the Southern part of Kerala, Varkala is a coastal town known for its 15m high cliff adjacent to the Arabian sea and its hippie culture. From watersports to great seafood shacks on the cliff, it is a perfect vacation destination to relax and unwind.   

It’s home to a great collection of global music and the Samadhi of the spiritual leader, Sri Narayana Guru. If you are fond of South Indian temples, you can visit Jardana Swami Temple, popularly referred to as Dakshin Kashi.   

Places of Interest: Varkala Beach, Edava Beach  

3. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

places to visit in November

While Rajasthan may be the last on every summer destination list in India, it is one of the best places to visit in November 2021. The Golden City is pleasant during this time, and you can have a good time visiting its forts or going on a desert safari.  

The evenings are best-spent lakeside, and at dawn or dusk, you can admire the golden tones of the famous Jaisalmer Fort, which gives it its name – Sonar Kella or Fortress of Gold.   

Places of Interest: Kuldhara Village, Jaisalmer Fort, Thar Desert  

4. Shantiniketan, West Bengal

places to visit in November

The quaint town of Bolpur in West Bengal’s Birbhum district is home to Rabindranath Tagore’s legacy – Shantiniketan and the Viswa Bharati University. The small city is known for its folk singers, also known as Baul, who are revered across the globe for their simple earthly tones and unique sounding instruments.   

If you love handicraft and cottage industries, then you can visit its flea markets to get your hands on unique souvenirs.   

Now get your backpacks ready and hop on to the next flight or train to spend a fantastic time in any of these best places to visit in November 2021.  

Think we missed something? Let us know in the comments below!

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