5 industries that will shape the post-virus world

In many ways, the pandemic has accelerated our world into a future it was probably heading towards. Digitization was the obvious way forward, and social distancing just made it happen a lot faster.   

This change in the post-virus world will affect many industries, and the dawn of new tech and innovation will take place instead of the old. So, we decided to list the five sectors that will shape a lot of the post-pandemic globe.   

Want to find out what these are? Let’s take a look:   

1. Telecommuting

post-virus world

Social distancing has changed workplaces. What was earlier considered add-on services has become the very fiber of corporate culture. Telecommuting technology is going to shape the world.   

Since 2020, Zoom’s share prices have gone up close to 400% due to increased demand. 50% of all communication regarding work will be through video calls in the future.   

Companies that can drive innovation in that space to create a more life-like experience will ultimately shape the post-virus world.  

2. VR industry

post-virus world

Enterprise VR is going to make all the difference in the future. Before the pandemic, many companies were already trying to introduce tech to simplify training and remove bottlenecks.   

For example, Ford used VR tech in 2015 to reduce production line injuries to its employees by a whopping 70%. Also, Walmart used the Strivr platform to train its employees to deal with Black Friday pressure in 2017.   

Today, with social distancing becoming a norm, VR companies play an even more vital role in helping with training, reducing costs, and showing their worth to the big corporates. It is going to be the tech for the post-virus world.    

3. 3D and automation technology 

post-virus world

The pandemic has exposed how vulnerable manufacturing and logistics are when human labor is disrupted. 3D and automation technology will create a space where dependence on human labor is reduced in these industries.   

3D and automation technology will protect the supply chain and create new jobs that replace old ones. Technological adoption is going to be the backbone of the post-virus world.  

4. E-commerce

post-virus world

Shopping was already moving online pretty fast, thanks to retail. However, the pandemic has catapulted this growth even further. Today, even daily groceries have joined the e-commerce line. We are sure more markets will now be available online in the post-virus world.  

Another facet of e-commerce growing fast is enhanced e-commerce, which uses AR and VR technology to deliver realistic buying experiences to customers.   

5. AI and chatbots

post-virus world

With artificial intelligence and machine learning moving together at break-neck speeds, AI and chatbots will become the fulcrum for customer servicing. AI will not only reduce pressure on human resources but also move towards evolving other industries.   

AI and chatbots will also reduce the margin of error in the post-virus world.  

These are the five industries that are going to dominate your experience tomorrow. Think we missed anything? Tell us in the comments section below.

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