6 Rangoli Hacks to Make Better Art this Diwali

Diwali is here, and it is time to celebrate the good times with your friends and family. One of the most iconic and artistic ways to do that is to make Rangolis that will wow them all. But how could you get your hands on Rangoli hacks that will better your art?  

Well, we have brought you six tricks that will improve your Rangoli. Take notes from here and the Diwali Rangoli with Club Benefique workshop, and you might have a better chance of winning up to Rs. 3000 worth of Amazon Gift Vouchers!   

Rangoli hacks diwali art

1. Chalk out a grid

Making a Rangoli is all about symmetry, and if you want perfection, you need to follow the rules of art. Chalk out a grid on the floor to give yourself an idea of the overall space you will be using.   

You can use a marker, simple chalk, or a crayon stick to ensure that it’s a kid-friendly zone in the house.   

2. Select a design you are confident about  

One of the essential Rangoli hacks to keep in mind is to select a design that you are confident about making well. Do not bite off more than you can chew. It takes a lot of effort to make a Rangoli, and it would be terrible if it turned out badly in the end.   

Instead, select a simple design and do it well – that is more likely to get you a thumbs up than a shabby rendition of a complicated design.   

3. Choose your drawing board 

Unlike other types of color and design art, Rangolis are made on the floor. This means choosing an even surface is as important as the art itself. Make sure you clean the surface and dry it well before making it to ensure maximum brightness and presentation.   

Ideally, go for a white floor surface with plenty of lights in the room, as it will make your Rangoli look brighter all the way through.   

4. Use some texture

If you are looking for Rangoli hacks to make your design pop, use textured material at the edge of your designs. You can experiment with powdered rice or sand. This will complement the smoothness of the colors and give your Rangoli a more professional look.   

5. Try some sequins and other embellishments  

There is no need for you only to use colors to make your Rangoli look more attractive. You can also add some sequins to bring in details that will make it win hearts during Diwali. Look for popular Rangoli motifs online and try to recreate them around yours with decorative material.   

Don’t hesitate to use glue and other adhesive material to make it easier for you!   

6. Add some Diyas for the final touch  

Even the most basic Rangolis can completely transform with Diyas. If you want yours to look as good as possible, adding some Diyas should be on your list. It is one of the must-do Rangoli hacks to get your social media followers wowing over your art.  

These are the six Rangoli hacks that you can use to make your Diwali art more attractive. You can learn more such tips and tricks in person at our Rangoli workshop with our expert Shanthi Sridharan and participate in the follow-up social media contest #DiwaliWaliRangoliwithCB to win Amazon Gift Vouchers up to Rs. 3000!

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