4 Ways to Help Planet Earth 

Earth is the only planet that supports life! But it seems like we have forgotten it completely! More so, we are probably the last generation to reverse the damage caused to the planet earth, as the UN warned us already!  

It should be a great wake up call for us to start caring for our climate and help save planet Earth at all costs!  

You do not have to move mountains or take the bulls by the horns for that! Some simple actions in daily life will do the trick! Some of them are shared below!  

1. Say no to plastics

4 Ways to Help Planet Earth

Plastic pollution is the most deadly threat our planet earth is facing right now. Plastics are omnipresent! Scientists have found microplastics in blood and even in human lungs!  

Most plastics are non-biodegradable, and therefore they keep accumulating in the waste piles and pollute the earth. The oceans are the most affected by plastics. Scientists also suspect that by 2050, there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish!  

But, we collectively can combat this situation by saying no to plastics, especially the single-use ones. It is not that difficult to carry your own cutlery while going out or use a reusable jute bag for groceries over a plastic one!   

2. Save water and energy

4 Ways to Help Planet Earth

Both the reserve of underground water and fossil fuels will run out in just a few years. However, it is not surprising considering the water and electricity we waste every day!  

If you truly want to save planet earth, it is high time you need to close the tap while brushing your teeth or switch off the lights when not in use! These are not that hard, right?  

Try to bath faster to avoid wasting water and keep the used water to water the plants or wash your car! Likewise, instead of traditional light bulbs, buy energy-efficient LED lamps and reduce your power consumption.  

3. Produce food less on ground

4 Ways to Help Planet Earth

Agriculture also contributes to climate change, and only a few are aware of this fact! In particular, farming in large areas leads to deforestation and releases greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide into the environment.  

While we cannot stop farming, we can introduce some changes to reduce its damaging capacity. For instance, using less land for farming, opting for organic produce and eating local will help nature in more than one way!  

4. Protect the bees

4 Ways to Help Planet Earth

Bees are amazing creatures and also play a vital role in keeping our planet functional! How? Bees are major pollinators that support the production of almost 87 main food crops worldwide.  

In other words, the food we get on our plates is because of bees! It will take a little time for us to become extinct without bees. However, the bee population is gradually declining, and we should start owning beehives to ensure a healthy population of bees. Besides saving the planet, you will also get honey to pour over your food. So it is a win-win situation any day!  

Have you taken any initiative to save planet earth? Let us know in the comment section below!  

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