Self-care Basics: Why it Matters and How to Get Started

The last year and a half have brought us a lot of stress, and we have dedicated most of it to make sure we stay healthy. However, hygiene is not the only care we need. This blog will discuss self-care basics and why it is essential to ensure bliss in our lives.  

But before we get into how to get started with self-care, here’s a look at why it matters:   

1.It helps you attain inner-peace 

No amount of money or materialism can help us be content unless we love who we are. We allow ourselves to understand the inner us and nurture the things we value the most with self-care.   

Otherwise, it can be very easy to lose yourself in this rat race.   

2. It helps you understand yourself better 

What are the things you enjoy? When you focus on learning the self-care basics, you find out what refreshes you and prepares you for the week. Indulging in things that make us feel better makes us healthier and gives us something to look forward to.   

3. Increases your self-worth 

A lot of the time, people develop this negative attitude for themselves, affecting their self-confidence and worth. When you follow the self-care basics, you reinstill value in yourself and help you gain your confidence back.   

Now that we have explored the why, let’s get into the self-care basics you can start with.   


self-care basics

No self-care basics list is complete without meditation. It helps us calm down and reflect on ourselves. Meditation also helps us find the right balance between work and life and makes us less prone to have mood swings.   

There are different meditation techniques that you can explore. Still, if you are starting, it’s easier to try a guided meditation app on your phone and start getting the hang of it.   

Read a book  

self-care basics

If you don’t have a reading habit, then it is not that hard to build one. Many people get intimidated by the idea of reading books because they do not look at it from a personal point of view.   

Reading improves your patience, vocabulary, imagination, and knowledge. And no one says you must read best-sellers, classics, or critically-acclaimed non-fiction. Start with anything you are comfortable with.   

Try children’s stories and books with more illustrations. Soon, you will find your attention span to have grown enough to move towards more elaborate reading experiences!   

Get on a healthy diet  

A lot of people have gained weight over the lockdown and started living an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s not the ideal thing to do. If you feel that you are consuming too much fast food or eating out often, get on a diet.   

If you live alone and are ordering out because you do not know how to cook, get a cook or subscribe to a home food service to cut out the junk.   

Go for therapy if you feel you need it  

self-care basics

Therapy can do wonders for your mental health, but the first step is to realize and accept that you need it. Going to therapy is one of the most essential self-care basics and can go a long way in helping you figure out what makes you happy.   

Pamper yourself on bad days  

self-care basics

It’s okay to let loose when you have had a terrible day. Do what pleases you. It could be getting yourself a new book to read or trying a new restaurant in town – don’t hold yourself back. It is important to feel valued, especially when times are tough!   

Follow these self-care basics, and you too will be able to learn more about yourself. You can maintain a daily journal and exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy and the positive hormones bubbling in your body.   

Got your self-care hacks? Share it with the community in the comments section below! 

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