5 Reasons to Watch Shark Tank India

India is now the 3rd largest ecosystem globally for entrepreneurship, with more than 62,200 DPIIT-recognised startups till January 2022. To celebrate and encourage this booming startup ecosystem, what can be better than Shark Tank India, our country’s first-ever business reality show.

Within just a few days of being aired, Shark Tank India caught the attention of Indian viewers and how! The social platforms are flooded with tweets, videos, and memes that clearly make this show a slipper hit already!

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or not, the following are the top 5 reasons this show is a much-watch!

1. You will get to see people’s dreams are being fulfilled

The people come on this show to seek investment to help save or start or grow their businesses. A handful of them also gets a considerable investment from the shark(s) as well. However, as an audience, it feels great to see that people are being rewarded for their hard work and brilliant ideas.

2. It is a crash course on entrepreneurship

The five sharks on the show are from diverse sectors and are equally successful. Thus, it is a great opportunity for aspiring business people to listen, learn and rectify themselves and hone their entrepreneurship skills.

The sharks also have a common objective on this show: giving them a reality check simultaneously, motivating them to try harder. For instance, Ashneer Grover is straightforward and does not mince words. On the other hand, Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar add fun-tadka while giving valuable lessons.

3. Viewers will learn about negotiation skills

Most people who come to Shark Tank India ask for too much investment against very little equity. Sometimes the sharks tell them on their face and turn down their proposal, and other times they negotiate till they get the best offers from aspiring entrepreneurs. In all cases, the sharks always clearly state why they accept or turn down a proposal.

Either way, you will learn the basics of negotiation and how to hone this skill, which is indispensable for any business venture.

4. The mentorship and inputs of Sharks are assets

While not all the pitches get funding from the sharks, they return with insightful lessons, inputs, advice, and often an alternative plan for their startups. At the same time, the exposure they get on this stage is brilliant as it will eventually boost the brand’s sales, visibility, and reach within a short period.

5. This show reveals India’s talent pool and the power of their ideas

People from different walks of life come to this show across the country. It clearly shows India’s best business talents and the potential their products or services have.

Irrespective of the size of their business, they have the capabilities to change lives. Shark Tank India will also make you believe that even a small idea can be powerful enough if nurtured and guided in the right direction.

Who is your favourite on the judges’ panel in Shark Tank India? Let us know in the comments below!

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